Macallan Distillery

The Balvenie Distillery

DoubleWood Aged 12 Years Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Smell of butterscotch candies and funky peat, subtle hints of sherry and lemon-scented wood polish behind that. On the taste, cherry-menthol cough drop, wood, slight blue cheese, and maybe a bit of pecan-praline. — 6 days ago

Royal Oak Distillery

The Busker Triple Cask Triple Smooth Irish Whiskey Review

The Irish know what they’re doing when it comes to whiskey 😋 — 10 days ago

Hinch Distillery

The Time Collection Triple Distilled Small Batch Bourbon Cask Irish Whiskey

Aged 3-4 years in first fill ex-bourbon cask. — 7 days ago

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Willett Distillery

Pot Still Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Barry and Emily engagement present. Ben likes a lot. Kayla and carla like — 17 days ago

The Old Bushmills Distillery Co.

Aged 10 Years Triple Distilled Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Nose of cotton candy, sweet chocolate, peat, and lemon. Much stronger taste of peat and charred wood, with a softer lemon sweetness behind. Finish of bitter chocolate and coffee. — 5 days ago

Dry Hills Distillery

Hollowtop Vodka


Tremendous potato based vodka — 18 days ago

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Kirin Distillery Co

Fuji-Sanroku Signature Blend Whisky

A well made clean and flavoursome Japanese whisky coming in at 50%ABV. An interesting story about the source of the water for the distillery which is near Mt Fuji. The purity of the water is always a key issue in the making of quality whisky. As the story goes the water used at Fuji Gotemba distillery is taken from 3 underground bores that tap into underground streams which are 100 metres deep. Analysis has shown that the water used today fell on Mt. Fuji as snow 50 years ago. — a month ago

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Lakes Distillery

The Lakes Gin

A lovely gin from the lake district — 9 days ago

Natalie Harper
with Natalie