King Estate

King Estate

Acrobat Rosé of Pinot Noir 2021

This pale pink wine has a nose of strawberries, green parts and all. It is a fresh and lively aroma, one that invites the sip deliciously. The palate shows more strawberries, along with some stone fruit and a hint of salinity. The acidity is refreshing and will make for good food pairings across a wide range of dishes. — 8 days ago

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Vineyard Block Estate

221 Special Reserve Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Nice Cabernet. Mary liked

Bottle King oct 2021
— 18 days ago

Weingut Spreitzer

101 Rheingau Riesling 2017

Smells of rocks, Meyer lemon, white flowers. You can taste the minerals, Meyer lemon, melon and hints of apricot. Really good acidity is making my mouth salivate. Refreshing. Paired well with a grilled king salmon with arugula and white been salad with lemon and pine nuts. Yum! — 3 years ago

Brooke Josefs
with Brooke

King Family Vineyards

Monticello Petit Verdot 2010

King = Klass!! Quality fruit from a overly hot vintage tests the best winemakers. This is such a scenario as PV with too much potential alcohol & tannin can overwhelm the inherent acid phenolics over extended cellar aging. Thus, this was at post peak performance at 11+ years from harvest. The quality of Matthieu’s work is, nevertheless, can clearly be appreciated here: blackberry & blueberry compote with delicious toasty herbs. So fun to test the limits and enjoy a LONG PV finish! — 6 days ago

Titanic Brewery

Dark Strong Plum Porter


This really is the king of plum porters.

Titanic's is the one that sets the bar and the one I come back to again whilst also comparing with others.

It is lovely and dark with plum aromas and a good head. Tastewise, it is a solid dark malted porter and a full plum flavour that blends but does not overpower.

It is a fine beer drinkable any month of the year.
— 10 days ago

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That looks fantastic! Cheers !🍻


Oak Ridge Columbia Gorge Pinot Noir 2019

Fresh king salmon! — 9 days ago

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Schloss Gobelsburg

Kamptal Grüner Veltliner 2020

Fresh King Salmon! — 9 days ago

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The Four Graces

Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2017

Really good, $20 from bottle king. — 3 years ago

Vigneto Saetti

Rosso Viola Lambrusco 2014

Christopher Losa

the king (queen) of Lambrusco! plus, it’s got a freakin’ denim label. how cool is that! — 4 years ago

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