Isaac Fernandez Seleccion

Isaac Fernandez Seleccion

Biutiful Brut Cava Garnacha Rosé

Great, inexpensive sparkling cava. — 8 months ago

Isaac Fernandez Seleccion

Rios de Tinta Ribera del Duero Tempranillo 2014

Plummy, juicy. Pure. Dances around. Love this. Made for early drinking. — 7 years ago

Isaac Fernandez Seleccion

Biutiful Brut Nature Cava Macabeo-Chardonnay Blend

Yes it is. Very nice cava. Doesn't hurt the wallet either. Well done. — 7 years ago

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Andrew Holod

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Glad you like it! Nice to see you still drinking our wines.
Chris Silveri

Chris Silveri

Wish I could find more of them locally. I miss Luna Beberide, Paixar, Astrales, Maria Casanovas, Genium, Abadal... So many fantastic wines!

Isaac Fernandez Seleccion

Acentor Garnacha

Fantastic, very fruity and full. Swish it around a little. — 7 years ago

Bodegas Uvaguilera Aguilera

Palomero Ribera del Duero Tempranillo 2005

David T

The producer is using Tinto Fino not Tempranillo. Respectfully, requested Delectable change.

Ten years in bottle, time to check in on my first bottle of six.

On the nose, dark currants. Blackberries, black raspberries, dark cherries, baked black plum, raspberries & ripe strawberries. Vanilla, cinnamon stick, crushed limestone minerals, dry rock & stone, some black rich earth, soft leather, dry stems, steeped fruit tea, dark berry cola, sweet tarry notes with red & dark fresh florals.

The body was big and very full with a hour in the decanter it moves to more medium full with another hour in the decanter. The structure, length, tension and balance are just arriving to a sweet spot. Still plenty of life left in this 05. Another 10 years and perhaps more. The tannins are still pronounced but softened & round with a strong dusty presence. The fruits are; gorgeous, sexy, lush & ripe. Blackberries, black raspberries, dark cherries, black plum, creamy raspberries, raisins, ripe cherries & strawberries. Vanilla, cinnamon stick, dark chocolate, crushed limestone minerals, a fair amount of dry rock & stone, some black rich earth, soft leather, dry stems, hints of mint, dry herbs, steeped fruit tea, black licorice, dark berry cola, sweet tarry notes, used espresso roast with red & dark, purple, fresh florals. The acidity is near perfect. The long, ripe, lush, well balanced finish is excellent and lasts minutes. Beautiful wine with sex-appeal.

Photo of, Bodega Uvaguilera top and bottom photos, Winemaker/Supervisor-Isaac Fernandez and cellar shot.
— 4 years ago

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David T

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@Severn Goodwin Definitely, population expansion.
Amy Huson

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Sure David T but Tinto Fino is a colloquial name, used by locals, and they won’t deny it is Tempranillo, they just have their own (pet) name for it. But for Delectable and anyone else it is Tempranillo.
David T

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@Amy Huson I am simply respectful of a producers culture and preference of terminology. I respect producers above all, which is why I photo profile them and their properties in all my posts. While I understand it’s Tempranillo, it’s wasn’t their choice of terminology to use on their label. Hence, I respect their preference or choice to use Tino Fino. Also, not every wine drinker will know there are a number different grape names used in Spain and Portugal for Tempranillo, (Tinto Fino, Ojo de Liebre, Tinto de Toro, Tinto Madrid, and Cencibel. In Portugal, Tempranillo is often referred to as Tinta Roriz and Aragonez.) If a person saw my post and decided to look for the bottle in a shop, they would see Tino Fino on the label and not Tempranillo. I also wanted to avoid them thinking it might be a different bottling rather than the same. Thank you for the discussion & engagement.. Cheers!

Isaac Fernandez Seleccion

Finca La Mata Ribera del Duero Tinta del Pais 2011

Colin Heinrich

Old Tempranillo from Vega Alum, solid, wonderfully balanced and integrated oak — 8 years ago

Isaac Fernandez Seleccion

Bovale Utiel-Requena Old Vines Bobal

Cocoa and cherry with a dry finish. Great wine for the price — 7 years ago

Isaac Fernandez Seleccion

Biutiful Brut Cava Macabeo Chardonnay

Mike W

Bright, fruity, perfect for a welcome cocktail. — 7 years ago

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Adras Ribeira Sacra Mencia 2013

Very nice. Lots of nose. A bit astringent, just a bit. Wet stones, oak but fruity mencia for sure. Day two even better. — 7 years ago