Macrina Verdichio dei Castelli di Jesi

Delicious light- bodied white that’s open and airy with a concentration of green apple, lime juice, pears and sea water with an inviting nose of yellow flowers. Simply delicious with a nice balance between round fruit and acidity — 4 months ago


Piancarda Rosso Conero Montepulciano 2018

A balanced and thankfully minimally oaked Rosso Conero. Dark berries, turned earth, graphite, and a little licorice on the nose. Nicely managed texturally (Montepulciano can be a little grainy) it’s got almost Bordeaux-like restraint, but with a bit more dark berry fruit. Great lasagna wine! — 8 months ago

Rebecca Anne CasagrandeAngelo Casagrande
with Rebecca and Angelo
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Colle Ambro Sangiovese Blend 2016

Not so strong smell, but carries far. A bit dry and very nicely bitter, not sweet at all. Black berries. — 3 years ago


Gioacchino Piancarda Rosso Conero 2017

This is a Rosso Conero (now just Conero) that does not try to be something it’s not. Most Conero producers seem to want to have their wines be 2000s-styled “international wines,” replete with overextraction and lots of French oak. But this is perfectly within itself. Conero is supposed to be like this is: smoky, earthy, dark berries, tannins present but well-managed, good acids, please get me a bowl of pasta in a red meat sauce. Which I’m eating tonight. Thanks to my brother for giving this to me. — 5 months ago

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Linfa Garofoli

Farnio Rosso Piceno Sangiovese - Montepulciano Blend

Clean a little fruit at the end no tannins. — 2 years ago

Linfa Garofoli

Gale Falerio Pecorino

Look up "inexpensive dry Italian red wine" in the dictionary and you may get a picture of this. Super drinkable. Light and zippy. — 2 years ago

Beth Fahey
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Grosso Agontano Montepulciano 2015

Smooth. Savory. Like. Sports ordered at Lucia. — 6 months ago

Andrew OshmanNena MadoniaAndrew Reese
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Rosso Conero Montepulciano 2019

Gulping easy for 7 euros at the supermarket — 7 months ago

Sarah Bignami
with Sarah
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Farnio Rosso Piceno 2018

Super good, light but rich taste. Excellent summer red. — 2 years ago

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Piancarda Montepulciano

Tim’s Wine Market. $19. Buy again. — 4 years ago