Clos Canarelli

Clos Canarelli

Corse Figari Rosé Blend 2020

Watermelon and strawberry, a little crunch on the front finishes elegant and smooth — a month ago

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Clos Canarelli

Corse Figari Red Blend 2014

Nothing like Saturday morning obscure blind tasting!! Great wine — 6 years ago

Rodney Nourani
with Rodney
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Clos Canarelli

Fleur de Murtoli Corse Figari White Blend 2014

Jordan Salcito

Light, slightly saline, a touch savory. — 7 years ago

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Clos Canarelli

BG Corsica Vin de France Bianco Gentile 2015

Last of a 6pk. I love this wine — a year ago

Clos Canarelli

CN Vin De France Red 2009

Carcaghjolu neru
Robe noire
Nez épices fruit noir profond tapenade thym et touche basalmique très pure
Attaque suave et pleine
Jus incroyable pas sa puisssance et sa pureté
Noire de cuir de cerise noire de thym apportant la fraîcheur
Belle acidite en finale un vin rayonnant
Un grand vin du sud comme clos milan💕🤗
— 5 years ago

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Clos Canarelli

Muscat Petits Grains 2009

Muscat petits grains — 7 years ago

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Clos Canarelli

'Le Petit Clos' Vin de Corse Figari 2016

Vintage 2016 / Brilliant fruity elegance! With bbq. — 3 years ago

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Clos Canarelli

Corse Figari Amphora Vermentino 2015

Awesome with shrimp curry! — 5 years ago

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Domaines Ott

Château Romassan Bandol Rosé 2014

Supposed to be among the better roses. At the end of the day, it is a rose. Not worth $50. Had much better in Corsica - #Canarelli. — 6 years ago

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Domaine Tempier

Bandol Rosé Blend 2013

Summertime, Vol. 2! I have a slight preference for this more forceful, Mourvèdre-driven rosé but my wife quickly reminded me how subjective was such a judgment. She preferred the more floral, dare I say more feminine, Clos Canarelli rosé. I'm thinking about blending them together, putting the bottle back in the fridge, and seeing what they breed overnight . . . — 7 years ago