Central Coast Group Project

Clendenen Family Vineyards

Le Bon Climat Aligoté 2019

I believe this is a relatively new project for Jim - great execution as always — 2 years ago

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David L

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Need to try

Justin Vineyards & Winery

Justification Paso Robles Cabernet Franc-Merlot 2009

Nice as always. Great way to reward yourself after a project completion. Full and rich. — 3 years ago

Edna Valley Vineyard

Central Coast Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Founded in 1980, Winery is a partnership between Chalone Wine Group and Paragon Vineyard, defining the Central Coast appellation for which it is named. Aromas of tropical and citrus fruits and subtle spice. On the palate melon and peach flavors with citrus zest, vivid acidity, nicely balanced on medium finish. Good value. Tasting Sample. — 5 years ago

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Pietra Santa

Cienega Valley Sangiovese 2013

Goes with virtually any good and any group of friends. — 5 years ago

Booker Vineyard

Fracture Paso Robles Syrah 2009

I really enjoyed this. Some in our group had some off tastes as the night went on, but I thought it just kept getting better. — 2 years ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Nice! Paso with age.
Michael Herzog

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These Paso wines just work better with age in my opinion. A lot of the heat dissipates and the sometimes bombastic fruits die down. The Herman Story wines also sing with 5+ years age, but they need every bit of it.
Severn Goodwin

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Agreed Paso fruit is delicious in its youth, but once you've had an older one, 10+ years, you'll try to keep those corks in the bottle as long as you can stand it.

Alban Vineyards

Estate Roussanne 2014

Shay A

Wonderful evening at the City Club courtesy of Jeff’s hosting at the Friday group. Cellar guessing Jeff is a dangerous game as he’s the type who plans to throw curveballs! All wines served blind.

Shame on me for not guessing this! My favorite Roussanne. So much pear, orange marmalade and honeyed mango. Gained some more floral notes as it sat in the glass.
— 4 years ago

Dan Fitzgerald
with Dan
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Shay A

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@Bryan Kesting : In the event you find yourself with some free time on Fri between 4-7’ish, a group of us are doing our monthly 4th Friday meetup at Classic Wine Storage where we all bring unique/special bottles to share.
Bryan Kesting

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@Shay A : thank you for the great options! Can you give me a cell # or email where I can reach out to let you know if my wife and I can get by? I would love to stop by even for an hour or so. Appreciate the invite!
Shay A

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@Bryan Kesting : Sure thing. shay.aldriedge@gmail.com . Understand if y’all are busy, but it’s an open invite in the event it works out. Just let me know.

Alban Vineyards

Pandora Edna Valley Grenache Syrah 2011

Not a good year...but what a great wine. In our tasting group our friends scored it 96-99 pts but for me this is a 100 pointer ! — 3 years ago

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David L

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Napa/Sonoma was definitely a challenging year. That part of the state it was a pretty decent vintage.

Clos Solene

Hommage à nos Pairs Reserve Paso Robles Syrah Blend 2013

Paso Wine #1. Didn’t intend last week to become Paso Week, but opened this bottle after buying tickets for the Hospice du Rhone event in Paso in April. Youngest, darkest of the three. Highly concentrated and prob with the most potential of the group, but not giving up much at the moment. Needs more time and more air. Hid its 16% ABV pretty well, so don’t let it sneak up on you. — 5 years ago

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Cheers! 🍷🎄Like your tree!

Alban Vineyards

Reva Alban Estate Vineyard Syrah 2004

Shay A

A group of guys decided to meet up at our Wine Storage facility and bust out some unique bottles! Scores and notes to follow!

This pushed for WOTN. Alban has been a source for SQN among other big Napa Valley names. Best Syrah I've had to date HANDS DOWN. Goodness. This wine epitomized harmonious. Blue and blackberries, cedar, bacon, BBQ pit grease. Phenomenal. Thanks Joe!
— 5 years ago

Mark FlesherWeston Eidson
with Mark and Weston
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