Campanha Fronteira, Rio Grande Do Sul

Casa Valduga

Naturelle Frizz Malvasia blend 2021

Depois de 7 anos reencontro este vinho que teve a assinatura alterada de Frizz para Frisante, seguindo com a mesma e perigosa facilidade de se bebê-lo. Leve, agradabilíssimo de se tomar, principalmente em dias ensolarados para receber o por-do-sol com palmas, paz na mente-coração e festa na alma. — 6 months ago


Fausto Safra Tannat 2017

His wine is very underrated. At least the 2017 harvest. I apologise to the other folks who scored this wine but this is a delicious wine. I opened the bottle and my wife knew immediately that this was a South American wine and guessed it was a garzon. Honestly, if not better this wine is as good as garzon tannat. Cioccolato, lots of red berries and leather notes. Coffee and a little vanilla on the palate. It is a pity this wine isn’t available in the USA and only 20.000 bottles of this vintage were produced. I will certainly buy it again in my next trip. — 3 years ago

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Churchill's Estates

Cabernet Franc 2017

L. G não bebeu — a year ago


Fausto Merlot 2017

There is smokey start to this nose, with a bit of vanilla and red forest fruits and maybe raspberries. Quite interesting but rthe smokyness is strong. The palate is well balanced with a creamy touch, a nice red forest fruit note all along, a soft mouthfeel and a good width. Very gentle tannins in mid palate and a rather long fruity finish. This is very well made! First Brazilian wine and a good first impression — 2 years ago

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Cave de Amadeu

Metodo Tradicional Brut White Blend

Drew Summers

This was a first! — a year ago

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Casa Valduga

Nature Sur Lie 30 Months Vale dos Vinhedos Chardonnay Pinot Noir

Mesa Bohn Out20 Orlando, RR, Alcides, Nicola e SP — 3 years ago

Cave Geisse

Brut Blanc de Blanc Pinto Bandeira White Blend

Here's something new, different and wonderful. Perfectly balanced acidity, creaminess and nuttiness. Lovely apple and hazelnut finish. — 4 years ago