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Grimm Artisanal Ales

Double Decoction Mashed Wheat India Pale Ale

Refreshing, sophisticated, focused. Excellent, as expected from Grimm. — 16 days ago

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Jean-Claude Debeaune

Château de La Perriere Brouilly Gamay 2015

4th bottle of this year. Once again don’t know why it’s rated so low. This Beaujolais has a fantastic combination of being an approachable Beaujolais but also having artisanal elements that will make true wine aficionados enjoy it. Sometimes when you get a great funky Beaujolais people who aren’t big into wine don’t “get it”. With this wine you get the joy of Beaujolais and enough structure to keep you happy. Moderately large for a Beaujolais but with some drier fruit notes at the end. I have rated this before if you want specific notes — 3 years ago

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Artisanal Wine Cellars

Ellis Vineyards Tempranillo 2011

Picked this up on my Solar Eclipse trip and really liked it - 2011 vintage — 5 years ago

Goldeneye (Duckhorn Vineyards)

Estate Grown The Narrows Vineyard Pinot Noir 2016

Lived next to this vineyard for two months. This wine captures a lot of the wildness and magic of the place. Aromas of “Anderson Valley garrigue” (pennyroyal, redwood and spruce, artisanal marijuana), fresh foraged berries, black cherry and exotic spices. I expect it’ll be even better with time. — 3 years ago

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Leo Hillinger

Blaufränkisch 2012

Blaufrankisch oh yeah, had a nice bitterness to back up all of those blue fruit nuances!! Had with some artisanal patchwork farm bakery blue cheese & walnut 🍞 toasted up with kerrygold butter!! Went very well together!!! Happy Saint Patrick's day everyone!!! — 3 years ago

Los Danzantes

Añejo Agave Espadín Mezcal 2014

My first tasting of artisanal Mezcal. Very impressive. Smokey and a long finish. Reminiscent of Islay whiskey - didn’t expect that at all - delicious. — 4 years ago

Vermillion Wine (Helen Keplinger)

Vermillion California Grenache Blend 2015

Beautiful wine. Some call it her "second label" and I think I recall Helen saying something along the line of her utilizing extra/leftover juices to create a bit of a "kitchen sink" wine. While hard to find under $35, I did score a case @ $25 each and am so glad I did. An "artisanal red wine blend" that shouldn't be missed. — 3 years ago

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Domaine Gayda

Flying Solo Grenache Syrah 2016

Where the name doesn’t apply this wine soars! Jazz, artisanal chocolate (Fijian ginger and kerikeri mandarin if you must know), and some friends wearing fantastic Pyjamas.... this wine fits right in. — 4 years ago

Giovanna Ciacci

Tenuta di Collosorbo Riserva Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese 2011

Very old world...traditional...artisanal. The tobacco and cherry just wrap you up👍 — 4 years ago

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Azienda Agricola Brovia

Garblèt Sue' Barolo Nebbiolo 2011

Good Barolo from an early drinking year. Took a little time to open, but within 30 minutes was drinking nicely. Soft and smooth. Clean and nice red color. Good leather, wood and fruit on the palate. The rusticity of the Garbelet Sue worked nicely with some artisanal pizza with sausage and cremini mushrooms. — 5 years ago

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