Vintage Madeira Boal 1968

Jeremy Shanker

68 Boal. Special stuff. — 5 days ago

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Vinhos Barbeito

Reserve The Madeira Collection 5 Medium Dry Tinta Negra Mole Verdelho

NV Made of a blend of 10 years old Verdelho and Boal with Tinta Negra that was 70 and 80 years in barrel. Medium dry. I do like the awesome balance of this madeira. Nice befor dinner but certainly good with cheese. — 3 years ago

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Joao Romao Teixeira

JRT Boal Madeira 1870

The 1870 Boal from Joao Romao Teixeira was a contender for wine of the night. Brown with amber rim. Almonds on the nose. Unsurprising then that marzipan is on the palate with spices, licorice and nutmeg. Great freshness and a touch of menthol and more acidity than the other wines in the lineup. Just stunning. Andrew Jones of the Food & Wine Society did a great job bagging this from Christie's back in the day. — 4 years ago

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Vinhos Barbeito

Reserva Island Dry 5 Year Old Madeira Boal

Wonderfully oxidized Madeira. Caramel but not too sweet. Went with fois gras and avocado ... nice fit. Long linger. 5 years. — 3 years ago

Cynthia Langstaff
with Cynthia
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Vinhos Barbeito

Rare Wine Co. Historic Series Baltimore Rainwater Madeira Boal

Delicious! Perfect for drinking or Madeira gravy. Bought at a Hayes Valley wine shop — 4 years ago


10 Years Old Madeira Boal

Burnt toffee, molasses, that nutty, lemony dry nose and round palette. Happy to report, this may linger for the rest of the evening. — 4 years ago

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Aged 5 Years Medium Sweet Madeira

Nutty roasted nose. 19% zippy acidity, nice long finish. Fucking adult koolaid.
Frank: "ropey"
— 5 years ago

Frank Freeman
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Viñedos Propios

Boal De Arousa Albarino 2017

Really nice mineral laced white with tangy lemon notes and a hint of ginger — 3 years ago

Henriques & Henriques

10 Years Old Madeira Boal

Raisins, candied carrots, fruitcake, oddly kerosene-sweet with a plethora of cooking herb scents and leather. Viscous and heavy mouthfeel buoyed by a citrus basket of orange peel, candied lemon peel, tangerine and lime, with cola, leather, bitter almond, cinnamon, ginger, and sarsaparilla. #henriquesandhenriques #madeira #Boal #portuguesewine #vinho — 4 years ago

António Boal

Arribas do Pinhão Douro Touriga Nacional

Delicious! Drinks like a dream. Imagine this would pair well with everything. — 5 years ago

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Claire Walsh

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2015 vintage