Frank Cornelissen

Munjebel Terre Siciliane Bianco

This feels like what all of the best “funky” orange wines without extreme skin contact are gesturing towards, their platonic ideal. But it isn’t a static edifice of an ideal, rather a great vibrating energy vortex, changing from minute to minute. Marmalade, spot prawn heads, salt, new sneakers, gooseberries, Bacardi limon, pickled red onion, sherry, green tomatoes, curry leaf, Hoja Santa, cilantro stems, seville orange. Enjoying on my first Father’s Day while Hugo and Kalen take a nap. Sichuan Impression delivery on its way. — 5 months ago


Reserva Ocho 8 Rare Gold Rum

Just the most delicious dark rum while enjoying balmy breeze from the sea of cortez. — 5 years ago

Peter PhillipsMary Lacagnina
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Ron Carta Blanca Superior Rum

The standard of white rum, aged in white oak for 1 year, perfect for mixing. Founded in Cuba 1862, Product of Puerto Rico. 40% ALC/VOL. Lemon or lime optional. — 6 years ago

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Cheers! Looks very inviting.
DC Radisson

DC Radisson

I never drank hard liquor but maybe, looking at this, I should get to it 🥃


10 Clasico Rum

Agradable sabor, ligero olor a madera, 40 grados en porcentaje de alcohol, recomendable para combinación con refresco de cola o de Ginger, en epoca de frío tomalo solo, prueba otro peculiar sabor combinado preparado en vaso de barro dejandolo unos minutos reposando, gradua lo dulce con agua mineral. Mejo sabor que Solera de Bacardi precio accesible 240-300 pesos mexicanos. — a year ago


CaribbeanAged 8 years Caribbean Smooth Rum Cask Finish Blended Scotch Whisky

Finished in a variety of Bacardi and other Caribbean rum casks. — 4 years ago

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8 Años Ron Reserva Superior

Good all around I like to cook with this rum — 5 years ago


Don Bacardi Superior Puerto Rican Rum

Tony Ricky Horror cocktail with two rums, lime falernum (whatever that is), orgeat, and absinthe. Vanessa rates it highly enough to give Ratboy some lovin’. — 6 years ago

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Rum Punch

Don’t wanna like but it is fun and tasty and I definitely eventually finished the four pack. Like that fun fruit punch at church potlucks with sherbet floated it punches all the right chill out and have another serving of that casserole feelings.8 — 3 years ago

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Superior White Rum

Cuba Libre. Nuff Said! — 3 years ago

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Rum and cola! Yum!


Superior de Cuba Rum

I know it’s not wine, but felt compelled to share this beauty. Pre-embargo Cuban rum from the Bacardi distillery in Santiago, Cuba. Wow what an amazing treat. Back in the day, the Missouri alcohol tax for this bottle was .15¢ — 5 years ago

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