A Sour Beer Co.

Westbrook Brewing Co.

Mexican Coffee Cake Imperial Stout

Religious philosopher Martin Luther said in the 1500s that wine is made by god and beer is made by man. (As grapes ferment naturally and nothing needs to be added and beer is a recipe). -this is a Mexican chocolate cake stout. It is exactly that and perfectly balanced: chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, habanero (earthy heat). The recipe is spot on. — 3 days ago

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Darwin Brewing Co.

Circa 1926 Tangerine Wheat Ale

I love a good wheat beer and this hits the spot on this gorgeous Florida day! Took the day off and I’m going to enjoy it! @Eddie Dukes does the glass look familiar! 🍻 cheers! — 2 months ago

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Eddie Dukes

Eddie Dukes

Ah yes, excellent purchase @Sharon B! Enjoy the day off! Cheers.
MaJ CappS

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Not too shabby a view!
Sharon B

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@Eddie Dukes thanks! @MaJ CappS i get see see and enjoy it every day! Thanks!

Weingut Brand

Wilder Satz Pur Müller-Thurgau Blend

Cloudy an unfiltered, reminiscient of a sour beer. Justin approved 💛 — 3 months ago

Cellier des Princes

Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhône Blend 2016

Ming L

Spotted this 100-year co-op bottling front the great 16’ vintage for only $25, and could not resist to pick up one.
Stewed black and blue berries, black currant, ripe raspberry, dry herbs, hint of cured meat and leather on the nose. Medium body. The candied red fruits on the the palate feels a bit syrupy to me. The medium acidity leaning towards sour.
Predominately Grenache. Great price for a CdP.
— 24 days ago

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Nippon Craft Beer Co

Kagua Blanc Belgian Strong Pale Ale

Ron R

One of my faves. Japanese white ale meets Belgian beer making. Much more linear than the Hitachino, with a sweet, citrus hops finish. Find this if you can. At $7 a bottle, it’s on the expensive side for beer. — 3 months ago

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Shay A

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I don’t drink much beer these days, but that one looks/sounds enticing.

vinokeeno Premium Badge

Oooh…love the Hitachino. Thanks for the heads up.
Ron R

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@Shay A, let me know if you can’t source em. I’ll hook you up…


´NFRASCATO Lazio Ottonese Moscato 2020

Wine that doesn't need intellectual talks
Easy drinking
3 days maceration for the Ottonese and 7 for the moscato
I wouldn't call this orange wine, but more of a sour beer like wine
I personally enjoy a lot this style, but i understand it might disappoint someone
Always interesting to see how they develop in few months
However Sete is a marvellous reality in the area and perhaps the first winery to give credit to the ottonese grape with determination and i personally owe them that since i sincerely enjoy the results
— 4 months ago

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Bob McDonald

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@Ceccherini Cristiano Great to be getting your reports from rural Italy from an Italian like yourself on local wines and in many cases wines that many of us would never see. Keep em coming Cecc, much appreciated.
Ceccherini Cristiano

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@Bob McDonald Thanks mate🙏
It is my pleasure😊

Roadhouse Brewing Co.

The Prophet Hazy Double IPA

Hazy Double IPA from Roadhouse Brewing. Fancy label with a lion. Not super hazy. More of a golden. Smells nice. Some citrus. Piney too. Flavor is simple. Fresh. Not apparent that it’s 10% ABV. Nice beer. — 2 months ago

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Michael Wenzel

Wild + Free Lockvogel Muskateller Blend 2020

Reminds me of a sour beer. High acid and sour grapefruit. — 2 months ago

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales

Co-operation Ale

Fantastic new sour from Jolly Pumpkin (new for me, anyway). This is a collaboration between JP and Baston Brewery, it’s a blend of JP’s La Roja and Baston’s Nectar Des Dieux Triple. Super complex with layers of molasses, brown sugar, chocolate, but also the acidity of La Roja. One of the most interesting JPs I’ve had in a while. — 3 months ago

Vanessa McCaffrey
with Vanessa
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Bart Bartlett

Bart Bartlett

This is one of the best J.P. beers I've had. Excellent collaborative effort!

DuClaw Brewing Company

Tart Strawberry Letter 23 IPA

Fantastic beer for day or night. Really enjoyed this beer. Full buddy with 7% but still true to the tart experience of a sour. Really good natural fruit notes too, strawberry/guava. — 5 months ago