A Sour Beer Co.

Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co. (Leinenkugel's)

Summer Shandy

Not only is this a weekend to remember those who have lost their lives for us, but it’s a sad weekend for me. I lost a longtime friend to cancer yesterday. We went to high school together in Iceland and we both served in the Navy. Normally this would be our weekend to get together and hang out at the pool, drinking beer and listening to 80’s music. RIP Faye I’ll miss you my friend — a year ago

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Dawn E.

Dawn E.

@Sharon B sorry for your loss..


@Sharon B Take care!❤ Sorry to hear of your friend's passing.
Raul Puga

Raul Puga

@Sharon B 🙏🏼🙏🏼my condolences

Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co.

Sayuri Nigori Sake

A beautiful unfiltered sake with banana, white peaches and green apple on the nose with sour papaya, pineapple, fresh coconut and lemon zest. This sake starts out a little tart on the palate and smooths out in 4 to 5 seconds and leaves a luscious creaminess on the palate that goes well with medium fatty fish. This is a medium bodied sake to pair with hirame or sake. — 4 years ago

Fort Point Beer Co.

Westfalia Nuremberg Inspired Red Ale

Nose of chicory, cocoa powder, and an interesting minty/menthol note.

Pretty substantial roast notes with creamed coffee, bitter walnut, and touch of underlying caramel. Dries out just enough with a touch of bitterness to keep it drinkable.

Rich, malty red with nice roast influence.
— 4 years ago

Cantillon Brewery

Bruocsella 1900 Grand Cru Organic Lambic Ale 2019

I’m pretty sure this is my first still beer. Really funky with a lot of wood notes, cedar, pine forest, lemon rind with the pith, some dried apricot, and an herbal quality. This is fascinating but with the explosion of orange wine not as interesting as probably 10 years ago. This is still a fantastic sour beer but hard to get past no carbonation. The idea of packaging this beer as all beer would have been from casks for the last 3,000+ years is pretty cool. Anyway I’d rather buy wine for this profile. — 2 years ago

Mississippi Brewing Co.

Mississippi Mud Black & Brown Porter & Pilsner Beer

A fine, classic style black and tan beer.

Perfect pairing for a sunny, Friday afternoon. 😎

•5.0% ABV• June 5, 2020🐊
— 3 years ago

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DC Radisson

DC Radisson

Awesome pic 🍺 great bottle 😎


@Trixie Trixie looks like fun, have a great weekend Cheers 🍻


@DC Radisson@P A Cheers! Happy weekend. 🍻

Produttori del Barbaresco

Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2012

David T

The nose reveals; sweet & sour dark cherries, deeply, ripe & juicy strawberries, rhubarb & cranberry crossing, plum liqueur, blackberries, blueberries, candied raspberries, dark chocolate, limestone minerals, sandstone, anise to black licorice, dry, crushed rocks with blue, red, dark, fresh & withering florals with fields of violets.

The body is still firm, thick, grainy and full. The structure, tension are still tight. The length and balance are working their way into adolescence. Sweet & sour dark cherries, deeply, ripe & juicy strawberries, black raspberries, juicy, black plum, rhubarb & cranberry crossing, plum liqueur, blackberries, blueberries, candied raspberries, caramel, clove, touch of nutmeg, vanilla, dark chocolate, semi-sweet tarriness, understated herbaceousiness, limestone minerals, powdery sandstone leather, dry tobacco, saddle-wood to cedar plank, dark spice, sandstone, anise to black licorice, dry, crushed rocks with blue, red, dark, fresh & withering florals with fields of violets.

It’s still a youthful wine with another 10-15 years ahead.

Photos of; the hilltop town of Barbaresco with the Produttori tasting room underneath and right of the tower, the Produttori tasting room and the co-op of Produttori. Third largest in Europe.
— 4 years ago

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E & K G

E & K G

Always great quality for price! Cheers 🍷
Severn Goodwin

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I'm afraid to open any Barbaresco younger than this, I shy away until they have at least a 10th birthday. Nice notes.

J. Brix

La Belle Rêveuse Alamo Creek Vineyard Syrah 2018

So good. This taste like a quality Saint Joseph combined with a top notch sour beer. Snappy red and blue fruit, purple flowers, soil, cured meat, and botanicals. Crisp acidity, and easy but noticeable tannins. A cloudy ruby red/magenta in the glass. Delightfully funky and wild. — 3 years ago

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Brasserie Dupont

Saison Dupont

There's a great video on YT on what a Saison is. In short, it's a farmhouse ale (pale or sometimes red) that was historically served to farm workers as a clean source of hydration. Without any distinctive characters and lower in alcohol then, the "Saison" only really gained it's signature when the house in question came into the equation. Also, based on my research, the checkered "Vielle Provision" yellow labels are the export labels.

As it was here, the Dupont Brewery's Saison is generally cloudy, very carbonated via bottle conditioning, zesty and spicy, bitter with a hint of sour, and a dry hoppy finish. For me, this is truly "The beer for all seasons" - the flavours are just so versatile. Perfect for a warm summer afternoon in the park, yet complex enough to pair with a 3-star dish.
— 3 years ago

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Terrapin Beer Co.

Hopsecutioner India Pale Ale

Almost exclusively, sweet citrus notes of grapefruit, Meyer lemon and key lime but malty too with drops of caramel and honey, and dinner rolls with truffle honey and marmalade. Malt continues on the palate, with less sweetness overall, but exhibiting tangerine, blood orange and grilled lemon instead. Sensory overload in a good way!! — 4 years ago

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Stone Brewing Co.

Ruination Double IPA

Surprisingly, I kinda liked this despite my aversion to overly-hopped beers. The nose is a straight up hop-bomb - floral, citrusy, piney. The palate's also full-on, with heaps of hoppy bitterness, but balanced by malty sweetness and tropical fruit notes (passionfruit and mango for me). Finishes crisp and earthy. Not bad, but not my kind of beer (not an IPA fan basically). — 4 years ago

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