Weingüter Wegeler ( Geheimrat J. Wegeler )

Bernkasteler Doctor Beernauslese Riesling 2006

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Vintage comparison 06 and 07: one of merely 3 owners of the #BerncastelerDoctor vineyard; at one time amongst the most expensive pieces of real estate in the Western Europe. The pair of #Beerenauslesen, we were so very lucky to have had the chance to experience were both treasures that were served from half bottles, but you'd never have guessed it because they were so incredibly fresh. Key differences were the concentrated #botrytis spiciness and honeycomb flavors of the 06, while the 07 was a rich, luscious mouthful of intensely ripe #Riesling that reminded one of apricots, mango and white peaches. Even in a half bottle these wines are destined to last for decades. #Wegeler #Mosel

Weingüter Wegeler ( Geheimrat J. Wegeler )

Bernkasteler Doctor Spätlese Riesling Goldkapsel Auction 2005

Approaching nearly a decade of development has resulted in a glorious example of aged #Mosel #Riesling from an opulent, ripe year that yielded wines of great concentration and extract... a luscious mouthful of layered, complex honeyed/mineral flavors that lingers for seconds and makes you crave more! #Wegeler #2005 #BernkastelDoctor #spätlese — 5 years ago

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