Cycle Brewing

Crank IPA

Crank ipa is hazy cross of pink grapefruit juice. Opaque and milky. White and loose-bubbles lacing that holds together well, before ripping to a rounded torn rag paper. Grapefruit sweetness extends to the nose, with tangerine and orange essence. Touches of peach and lemon, and maybe daisies. Winning mouthfeel of citrus zing and stacks of acid, with a glandular response smoothing the edges like mined salt sans the flavor. Lime and grapefruit with chamomile and lemon, always shimmering on the tongue. This is not the most complex ipa, but it is certainly pleasant. It hides its alcohol well, and pedals like a well oiled machine. Downhill runs and flats. #beer #bier #biere #birta #ale #indiapaleale #IPA #crankipa #cyclebrewing #FLbeer #floridabeer #StPetersburgfl — 5 months ago

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