Wine Situation Final Five (Now With Drunk Dialing!)

The Wine Situation hosts everyone from winemakers to writers to find out what a person’s situation is…with wine. It’s the solo season, as host Ellen Clifford is in quarantine, but listen in with a glass, and nobody is drinking alone! In lieu of guests, at the end of every action packed episode Ellen is phoning a friend with her Final Five questions. This week Ellen talks to Katherine Jarvis, the wonderful woman behind Jarvis Communications. Check out the full episode here THE FINAL FIVE (Ever so slightly edited for length!): QUESTION ONE Ellen: Question number one: whatcha drinking these days? Katherine: I have been drinking a lot of a little bit older wines that I got at some of these wine auctions that were put on this summer to support sommeliers during COVID. I was lucky enough to lowball a couple of things to be honest, and get some Cornas from Jean-Luc Columbo and I was able to get some Barbarescos from a producer called Casina Luisin through the Del Posto auction—producers I’m not really familiar with, but I trust the original buyers. QUESTION TWO Ellen: Question number two is what is either a favorite or one of the more interesting pairings you’ve enjoyed? Katherine: Recently I’ve been enjoying a lot of Valpolicella , like a classic style— Ellen: I do believe I had that at dinner with you! Katherine: You did, that’s right! I had it with oysters, so it’s a chilled red wine that is the perfect pairing with oysters. That’s not a normal pairing for me so that was a discovery. And then…I drink a ton of bubbles. I love that bubbles can go with pretty much any food. QUESTION THREE Ellen: Question number three is—in my sleuthing about you and your life I found out that you spent some time in Chicago and also that you spent time in Italy—so I’m figuring if you don’t have strong feelings about who makes good pizza, you at least have strong feelings about where to get Italian food in LA. So if you have places for either of those things that are favorite places, I’d be curious to hear them. Katherine: I really do love Felix—I know that’s not super traditional but I love the texture of the pasta; I think he’s got a really unique handle on that. I’ve always loved Mozza. You know, where I shop there is this amazing Italian import store on Olympic and 10th in Santa Monica called Guidi Marcello’s. It’s this tiny little spot that nobody knows about, but they sell wonderful pastas from Italy. I shop at Eataly all the time as well. QUESTION FOUR Ellen: Question number four is—I noticed that your handle on a lot of social media is @soavegirl so I was curious how that came to be? Katherine: You really didn’t know, when you were creating the names for these apps, that they would stick, right? Back in the day when they were starting—that you would have to live with these names forever…so I just thought Soave was funny. My husband—that’s actually his house wine. He just loves a simple Soave Classico, which is great, because it’s pretty inexpensive. And so, I just thought it was funny, Soavegirl…had I known what I know now I would have probably put my name in it or something. QUESTION FIVE Ellen: The last of the five questions is just what we’ve been asking people since the beginning of the show—just, what’s bringing you joy these days? Katherine: Going for walks in my neighborhood is really great. LA can be one of those cities where you live next to people for many years and don’t ever really meet them, and we have a great neighborhood—it’s diverse, there’s lots of people from different backgrounds and ages, and we’ve really gotten to know a lot of those people through COVID. Everyone seems to have a dog now, there’s so many puppies! Sometimes we’ll even eat in front of our house to kind of be social and wave at people as they go by. That’s what brings me the most joy, is having gotten to get to know so many of my neighbors, and I hope that continues. *** Check out all that @soavegirl action on all your social medias, also look for @jarviscomm and to see what the Jarvis has to offer! Cheers! Check out the previous Wine Situation podcast with Cha McCoy here .


Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Corvina Blend 2009

Lovely tobacco and bramble nose. A good weight and gravitas to this wine but not overly hot ( 15% alcohol). Opened 60 minutes - and then who could wait? Smooth and well rounded. Tannins. Present but largely well absorbed. No tough edges on this o e. A perfect quaff for snowy time in the north. — 3 years ago

Danielle LeboffDavid Stein
with Danielle and David
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Jean-Luc Colombo

Les Ruchets Cornas Syrah 2016

OK, so I’m rating my Father’s Day!
Whilst I may be far from the finished article as a Father, I seem to be setting my 8, 10 & 13 year olds up well on knowing how to select a nice Syrah...😀
— 4 years ago

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Jean-Luc Colombo

La Louvée Cornas Syrah 2007

This northern Rhône from Cornas is mature at this point. Tannins are soft, no need to decant. Fruit still pleasant and finishes nicely — 6 years ago

Robert Rothfield
with Robert
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Bonacosta Valpolicella Classico Corvina Blend 2017

light dry red wine, friendly notes of coffee, licorice, prune, clove and violet pull you in; flavours of coffee, spice and plum embrace you and end in a silky finish. Paired w/Swedish meatballs, gnocchi n sauce - delicious — 3 years ago

Azienda Agricola Marion

Valpolicella Superiore Corvina Blend 2015

Baby amarone with incredible freshness and elegance—winemaker cut his teeth at quintarelli so no surprise. Nose has ripe red cherries and a floral / herbal sensibility, flavors carry through to the palate with amazing concentration but not heavy or syrupy at all, with accents of licorice and cinnamon. 14.5% abv without a trace of heat. A joke at sub-$30 — 3 years ago

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Cascina Luisin

Sori Paolin Barbaresco 2008

Great stuff esp for the price - signature nebbiolo character of dried roses and potpourri served with a dose of tar/wet pavement. — 5 years ago

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Cascina Luisin

Rabajà Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2011

Mid to deep Ruby in colour. Plenty happening on the nose with menthol, balsamic notes, dried rose petals, cherry, loam and mushrooms. On the medium weight palate a savoury cherry note with liquorice finishing with very fine, light powdery earthy tannins. The description that sums up this wine best is classy restraint. It is Rabaja after all. The quality of the 55 year old vines showing through. Matured in large Austrian Oak botti so next to zero oak influence. An enjoyable wine. — 3 years ago

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Cascina Luisin

Asili Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2014

Shay A

Rose petal, tar, potpourri, cherry swisher sweets aromatics. Light and acidic. Herbal streak down the middle, with maybe some Iodine? Underripe raspberry and stemmy blackberries. Young and needs decanting. — 5 years ago

Clare GilletteDan FitzgeraldMark Flesher
with Clare, Dan and 2 others
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Mark Flesher

Mark Flesher

My experience is a 90 at the present. However, the future seems to be bright for this one and I feel that it will probably ascend to 92 or 93 over the next few years. This wine certainly has the structure. Quite a bit of acidity on the front. Maybe perhaps a little too much at the moment. Lots of happy-go-lucky youthful red fruits intermixed with a little bit of plum and fig. Youthful tannin here. Kelly seems to have the structure, but seems to be a little out of balance at present.

Jean-Luc Colombo

Terres Brulées Cornas Syrah 2011

Oh so tasty. Oh so interesting also oh so I wish I had a brick of Brie to eat with. This could use more time. 7 years? Child’s play for a big wine line this. There are tannins galore, and the leather and earth and blood need at least another year. But I’m still so into this Cornas. Would love to taste their...2005. Ever date someone and it is not the right time for either but...that’s this. I’m sure if I am not going steady with another Cornas in five years I will have a night of passion with this one. — 6 years ago

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Brick and not wedge?
Ellen Clifford

Ellen Clifford Influencer Badge Premium Badge

@TheSkip haha yeah I suppose a wedge would be more accurate description. Or a wheel? Either way I wish I’d had a lot of cheese to eat with my wine...