Wine Situation Final Five

The Wine Situation hosts everyone from winemakers to writers to find out what a person’s situation is…with wine. At the end of each episode host Ellen Clifford phones a friend to ask them The Final Five. This time it’s Bella Crimson, the actor and model (and budding stuntperson) that Ellen has been getting to know on a movie set. They both wish they could tell you more about it…but they signed an NDA. But they’ll tell you all about craft services! Check out the full episode here QUESTION ONE Ellen: Question one, what are you into? What do you like to drink? Bella: I actually prefer wine as of lately. I used to like, you know, hard liquor, but I’ve become a wine fan. Honestly, I don’t think I have a favorite yet, I’m still in the experimenting process, but I’m enjoying wine. QUESTION TWO Ellen: Question number two: in light of the fact that we are actors and sometimes we go to movies, do you have a favorite movie snack? Bella: Well, I feel like you have to go with the classic popcorn. Buttered popcorn specifically, it can’t just be plain popcorn. It has to be the movie butter popcorn, but I do enjoy that at AMC they have pizza bites. I do enjoy those. Pizza is so good and especially during a movie. It’s perfect. I think it’s the perfect snack other than popcorn. QUESTION THREE Ellen: Question number three. You do stunts and Muay Thai, so how do you fuel yourself for intense workouts? Bella: Honestly, usually I just have a big breakfast that contains a good amount of carbs and protein. So I have a bunch of French toast and eggs and I drink a lot of water as well. Afterwards, to keep me going, and to make sure I have some more protein and vitamins, I’ll have a protein shake with fruit, protein powder, spinach, and oatmeal. That helps me get back what I’ve lost during the workout because heavy training takes a lot out of you. I do a berry mixture shake. I use strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and sometimes blackberries. I add peanut butter, vanilla protein powder, spinach, oatmeal, and strawberry Greek yogurt. It’s so good, sweet like candy but like good healthy candy, like if you made candy out of fruit. QUESTION FOUR Ellen: Question number four…crafty versus catering, what do you like better?* *NOTE: on film sets catering provides meals, crafty has the snacks Bella: I will say catering. They are so nice. I feel like they really have gotten to know us. Their cracking jokes at us when we’re in line. They’ll see me eying something and be like “I see you want that” and they’ll put it on the plate. How can I say no? I’m gonna miss this set. QUESTION FIVE Ellen: The last question is just, what’s bringing you joy these days? Bella: The biggest thing is loving myself. I’m in the process right now of falling in love with myself and just being grateful every day, and being compassionate every day, learning how to be more compassionate for others. But being able to love myself, that process is allowing me to be more open to things, which also is allowing me to not just experience joy but also receive it. Loving myself is allowing me to experience more and also to love others. It’s a process. I’m not completely there yet, but I am happy to be where I am versus where I was. *** You can find Bella on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @bellacrimsonn and her podcast is BELLA standing for Build Elevate Learn Love Accountability is on Apple Podcasts and Spotify! Check out the previous Wine Situation podcast with Dan Ahdoot here .


Burning Man Old Vine Petite Sirah 2018

Dark reddish purple with near black core. Inviting nose and medium full palate of ashy blueberry, red blackberry, and high-cocoa dark chocolate. Dusty, medium plus tannins present (but not assertive) from entry. Medium acidity wrapped up in it all, and a lengthy finish wraps it all up. Classic California PS with enough stuffing for the connoisseur, but still enough approachability for the novice. Drink now through 2030. — a year ago

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Famille Perrin

Les Sinards Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhône Blend

🙈 tasting 4th wine
at wset level 2 course (5th meeting)

2nd of a grenache couple.
had quite a few grenache blends but I'm a true novice, so no guesses yet.


ruby red 👀

more oak and less fruit 👃 including white pepper and red plum.

medium acidity.
high tannins.
full body.

spices, oak and a little bit of Red fruit.

medium 🎯

made very well, but not to my liking.
— 4 years ago

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Bandini Villa Pomona

Riserva Chianti Classico Sangiovese 2018

The depth! The mood! The charm! Hints of balsamic an dark fruit, violets and umami, finished in thyme and rosemary. Pretty but muscular like my calves. — a year ago

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Ellen Clifford

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@Paul T- Huntington Beach haha I wasn’t sure what to expect when I heard we were visiting Pomona either…but lemme tell you I’ve been doing a lot of ballet and my calves look great. In my humble opinion 💪
Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

Well now you know you’re next wine post picture 🦵
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@Paul T- Huntington Beach haha, I’ll have to figure out how to properly stage that


Stags Leap District Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

I was able to have a good conversation with Justin (one of the wine guys) at Central Market as he poured me the rest of the Silver Oak, and he was gracious enough to open up the floor for recommendations on what their next higher-end wine should be to serve BTG at cost. In the meantime, however, he opened up this bad boy and man...what a treat. The winemakers for Nice are (from what I’ve heard and read) some pretty solid dudes and it was neat to see that they’re headquartered right here in Houston. Below is an excerpt taken directly from their site as a means of education to satisfy all of the wine nerds out there (myself included):

“Winemaker and Foodie superduo Ryan Levy and Ian Eastveld of Nice Winery are Certified Sommeliers, wine educators, and Le Cordon Bleu trained chefs. Their hand crafted, boutique wines are poured in top restaurants and have won gold medals in internationally recognized wine competitions. Ryan and Ian have built their epicurean pedigree while studying in Paris, France, directing culinary education for Viking, teaching cuisine to thousands of students at Central Market, and operating their restaurant and catering companies, Republic and Nuance. They make their wines from estate vineyards in Texas, Argentina, and California.”
— 6 years ago

Krystal Vento
with Krystal
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Dave Schneider

Dave Schneider

I’m in Houston for the week near the market. Thanks for the recommendation!
Ryan Vento

Ryan Vento

@David Schneider Hope you enjoy it!

Castello di Querceto

Vin Santo del Chianti Classico Trebbiano-Malvasia Blend 2017

Soooo good and a lot less sweet than many Vin Santos. Reminds me of dark sugar and lemon rind. Versatile and lovely — a year ago

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Vigne Surrau

Limizzani Vermentino di Gallura 2021

Sardinian heaven—a little bitter orange on the nose, on the palate it gets full, a touch herbal along with other fun flavors like Marvin’s almonds (yes they are superior). Drink up. — 2 years ago

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Skyfall Vineyard

Columbia Valley Pinot Gris 2013

Left over from catering and super tasty. Not too sweet but still refreshing. I dig it. — 8 years ago