A-peel-ing Ciders for the Fall

Hard cider has a history of being traditionally generalized as a "sweet" beverage, cast aside as simple and low-quality. Lately, however, cider has seen a bit of a renaissance. People are now understanding the wide spectrum of flavors and sugar levels available, and also of the various techniques, both traditional and modern, used to create this delicious drink. Hard cider demands that cidermakers care for their apple trees as thoroughly as winemakers care for their vines, and changes in weather patterns and pests are also major concerns. Many cidermakers work closely with local apple producers where there is a mutual benefit for each. Considering apples used in cider do not need to look beautiful, only taste good, cidermakers are able to take the less beautiful, damaged apples that might otherwise be thrown out and can instead turn them into cider. Ciders have been taken to such a level that you don’t need a reason to enjoy one, and have the added benefit of being gluten-free. The fruitiness of ciders makes them versatile pairing partners for a wide range of dishes and flavors. Cider pairs especially well with savory meats and cheese, as well as fruity and sweet desserts. Choose your fighter (er, cider?) and enjoy!

Downeast Cider House

Pumpkin Blend

Summer? Never heard of it. disclaimer: I don’t like PSLs but I do like this. Ready for turtleneck season. #gourdgeous — 2 years ago

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Dry Rosé Cider

Excellent! Recommended by a friend and this can did not disappoint! — 2 years ago

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Gold Apple Hard Cider

Great cider — 2 years ago

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Phonograph Cider

Phonograph Northern Spy New York State Heirloom Apples

This retains the flavor of the apples, just with bubble and alcohol :) . Probably not for everyone as it is dry and tart. No complexity just apples. Quite good though either with food or just sipping. — 2 years ago

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Aslin Beer Company

Special Drops 50/50 Bar A Collaboration with Graft Cider

Greg Ballington


This canning is a collaborative effort between Aslin Beer Company and Graft Cidery. Brewed with milk sugar, dry hopped with citra and mosiac, and conditioned on vanilla, strawberries and raspberries. Drank out of a one pint can (16 oz) and 8.5% Alc/Vol. they just released a different variation of this canning as well.

Very unique color, an orangey pink like the pulp of a grapefruit. A light foam head as well. Pleasant nose of grapefruits, strawberry creme, almost like a popsicle and some raw hops too. A bit tart with low hoppiness on the palate. Medium bodied with raspberries, a touch of lactose and a some spices. Medium plus length finish.

$$ - $4.77 a can
— 2 years ago

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The Basque Craft Cider

It's that time of year — 2 years ago

Metal House Cider

Sparkling Cider 2015

Very good Sparkling cider. Medium tart apple and nose and pallet. Nice balance and “fizz.” Dry but still quite refreshing. Thanking Kevin Zraly for sharing this one. — 2 years ago

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Le Coste

Bianchetto White Blend 2017

Apricot, apple, cider on the nose. Piercing acidic funky skin contact but very clean and crisp. — 2 years ago

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Woodchuck Farmhouse

Hard Cider

Gold/amber, sweet, no perceptible acid, confected/candied apple, carbonated. — 2 years ago

Citizen Cider

Unified Press Hard Cider

Really one of the best domestic ciders on the market; off-dry with a ripe apple finish. — 6 years ago