Vinodel’nya Vedernikov

Vinodelnya Vedernikov

Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Смородинка отличная, выпечка, ваниль. Полный вкус с хорошо интегрированным дубом, табак и перец. Очень хорошо. В этот раз даже больше понравилось. — 5 months ago

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Vinodelnya Vedernikov

Donskaya Chasha Rkatsiteli 2011

Tasted 11/11/2014

Donskaya Chasha is one of my favorite whites made of Rkatsiteli grape. 
Colour of straw with emerald glitters. 
Unbelievably fantastic, complex nose with over-riped quince as main component, plus tarragon, dried apricots and lime.
Tasting it shows premature green apple and lime hints. 
Long lingering acidic finish makes impression of apple/quince lollipop.
Distinctive, energizing wine. I never met anything alike before. 
Paired with white mold and goat cheese varieties - worked fine.
— 4 years ago

Vinodel’nya Vedernikov

Pravoberezhnoye Red Blend 2014

Лёгкое, сладковатое, с терпким послевкусие. Интересное. Понравилось. Приемлемая цена-качество — 4 years ago

Vinodelnya Vedernikov

Donskaya Chasha Red Blend 2010

VINODEL'NYA VEDERNIKOV (Rostov-on-Don region, Russia)
DONSKAYA CHASHA RED BLEND (100%Tsymlyansky Cherny, oak aged)
Vintage 2010

Tasted 25/01/2015

Here comes something special.
Made of Russian indigenous red (Tsymlyanskiy Cherny 100%) maturated in oak barrels for 9 months. This wine found on Vivino (mid of 2014) forced me look on Russian winemaking thoroughly.

Old clay brick to dark garnet colour. 
Nose evolves on decanting: mulberry & cardamom, plum to pomegranate, chokeberry, rye bread and finally black pepper with wild cherry.
Palate full of berries: pomegranate, red currant, blackthorn, viburnum, cornel. Initial acidicity fades and velvety tannins rises with aeration.
Vivid finish with viburnum, pomegranate, honeysuckle hints.

Most peculiar red of memorable identity I ever had so far!
— 4 years ago

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Vina Vedernikov

Oak Aged Krasnostop

Surprised to find a Russian wine at all, much less one with a pleasant balance of fruit and soft tannins. Good luck trying to find another bottle! — 4 years ago

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Vina Vedernikov

Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Roman Sosnovskiy

Сладко, сбалансировано, хорошо — 5 years ago

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Vinodel’nya Vedernikov

Krasnostop Zolotovskiy 2013

Очень нестандартное винцо... — 6 years ago

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