Upper Thrace, Bulgaria

Edoardo Miroglio

Bio Thracian Valley Mavrud-Rubin Blend 2016

Striking label. Whimsical. Good color. Blood red and purple tinged. Aroma is unique. Water on dry sandstone, anise biscotti and cherry syrup. Maybe a rose petal or hip too. Flavors are fresh and rustic. Like an all-wood house in the country. Near the forest but on the edge. Easy and juicy. This change of pace red is a great wine to talk about and try with the wino nerds. I drank it solo, but I’ll try to get some more. — 6 months ago

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Logodaj Winery

Hypnose Single Vineyard Reserve Merlot 2016

Full bodied, nice strong aroma and taste of fresh raspberries. — 2 years ago

Zagreus Winery

Vinica Mavrud 2011

100% Mavrud grapes, dried for 2-3 months outside, "Bulgarian Amarone". Spices, dried herbs, preserved / cooked fruit, cocoa, leather. Very powerful, full bodied wine, high tannins and alcohol, lots of ageing potential — 5 years ago

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Special Reserve Mavrud

Love this wine. I can compare its slight acidity and balanced fruitless to the best Bordeaux samples but one can get it for a much lower price. It originates from a region that produced wine for millennia. — 6 years ago

Logodaj Winery

Struma valley Melnik 55

Великолепный вкус ягод и горных трав с легким послевкусием шоколада. Рекомендую с мягким сыром. — 7 months ago

Libera Estate

Melnik 55

This wine is actually the Melnik 55
made from 100% Melnik grapes.

Smells like walking through a cherry orchard, with a mug of coffee in hand.

Mulberry, touches of vanilla, Italian coffee, the wine is of a hefty medium bodied well made wine, with a cocoa tannin overture, and pinch of acidity. A solid wine,
— a year ago

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Delightful description! 🍷


Uniqato Melnik & Ruen 2013

Vintage 2013 - quite expressive smell, frivolous, sultry taste, smooth, a surprise from #bulgaria #ruen — 5 years ago

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Libera Estate

Keratsuda Orange 2020

Here’s a fun one to try, the native Katsuda grape from Bulgaria. Not a lot of oranges out there so I’m always up for trying one when I come across them. Fascinating bouquet of tangerine pith and grapefruit rind, honeysuckle and orange blossom, walnuts, turpentine, and cold steel. On the palate fresh orange and pineapple slices, ripe peaches and grapes, with notes of bitter greens, ginger, and well integrated woodiness, and a pungent heat of white and cayenne pepper on the finish. Fresh juicy mouthfeel with a fairly short finish (which is great as I’ve been in a mood for light summer sippers lately) except for the spice heat which lingers a good while. Would probably go fantastic with salads or light starches like pilaf or farro. — 9 months ago

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Rose Rubin 2018

An amazing Rose - Bendida Rose Rubin. Full-bodied, flavorful and delcious. — 2 years ago



2013 Reserve — 6 years ago