Malagousia 2021

Pleasant aperitif. 10/11-2022 — a month ago


Mavro Kalavritino Naturε

Really good red from bar +!garden. The white from this winemaker is allegedly really good too — 8 months ago


Vin Naturellement Doux

Great desert wine that is thick in the mouthfeel but not too sweet. Bought at The Old World Wine Bistro. — 2 years ago


Achaia Roditis 2019

На нос: монеральный, цитрусы. На вкус минеральный, лимон. Очень сбалансированный. Совсем не кислый. Очень вкусный. — 2 years ago


Achaia Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Yes. Very nice dry cab. — 5 months ago


Phellóe natur RED BLEND 2016

Greek wine evening, wine #5
Reminiscent of a Cerasuolo di Vittoria, chalky, dried, dusty cherries with a healthy pinch of dried herbs and this lovely earthy character.
Surprisingly light in the palate, with lovely acidity, pure light cherries and lively character.
This is so nice - so drinkable, with great interesting edges all around. Brilliant!
— 2 years ago

Yiannis Tselepos

Rizes Agiorgitiko 2016

Tetramythos Winery Rizes Agiorgitiko - Delicious, full of red and black fruit, with a spicy finish and a hint of baking spice. Really great crowd pleasing and versatile wine — 2 years ago


ε ) Roditis Orange Natur

Easy orange. Marmalade and caramelised apricots. — 6 months ago

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ε * Sauvignon Blanc Natur

Really liked this bottle bought it for $24 at a restaurant . Solid in my view - structure, acidity and nothing weird it over ripe about this . Organic and from Greece which was a nice surprise — 2 years ago




Lovely nose, honey orange blossom, golden syrup, poached pear in sugar syrup, pear tatin, ripe guava. There’s also some background notes of bay leaf and cardamom.
Palate has a lovely succulence with ripe, juicy citrus fruit and clay pot tannin.
— 2 years ago

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