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Qvevris White amphora 2016

Wow this is different. Nose satsuma segments, stray apricot, rosemary. QUINCE JELLY. Then it's more of the same on the palate but with an almost instantly vanishing intensity. Explodes and then it's gone. Chalky and relatively harsh bitterness from the 6months or so that it'll have sat in it's amphora with the skins (stem maceration?). Enjoyable though! Keep it chilled, definitely. — 2 months ago

Telavi Wine Cellars

Kondoli Vineyards Marani Mtsvane-Kisi White Blend 2010

Beau Carufel

Minerals slathered in lemon pith and golden apple skin. Yea, it was good stuff. — 9 months ago

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Telavi Wine Cellars

Marani Kondoli Vineyards Saperavi-Merlot Blend 2007

레알 존맛. 쑥쑥 넘어간다 ㅎㅎ — 2 years ago


Pirosmani 2014

Play soccer with the Georgians Wednesday night working class so figured pop it like my ankle — 2 years ago

Telavi Wine Cellars

Kondoli Vineyards Marani Saperavi 2015

Perfect balanced. Just love this Georgian wine. — 3 months ago

Telavi Wine Cellars

Satrapezo Icewine Rkatsiteli

My wife’s favorite wine — 8 months ago

Telavi Wine Cellars

Marani Rkatsiteli

Crisp, refreshing- perfect for a hot summer day. Pairs well with Georgian cheeses — 3 years ago