Dry Unfiltered Red Tavkveri 2017

Light(ish)... fruity... refreshing... slight effervescence... 12% ABV... the energy of the earth — 3 months ago

Tchotiashvili Family Vineyards

Dry Red SB Tavkveri 2017

Reminds me of something in the middle of Pinot noir and Sangiovese. Initially dried cherries and spice. With a long decant (4+ hours), revealed more ripe, dark fruits. Long finish. Accurate name vis a vis “dry”; also acidic. — 7 months ago


Asureti Valley Dry Tavkveri Rosé 2015

Almost violet in color but light body, earthy and robust with med-high tannins nice tart acidity, amphora goodness — 2 years ago



Next level dank on this one. Dave nearly puked in the bushes, but in the end he just peed in them and then passed out on a bench. I think he'd had a few sips before we met up at the playground.. — 4 months ago

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Alapiani's Marani


Strong cherry and spice. Interesting balance of acid and tannins. The sharpness balances well with Georgian food. An enjoyable bottle. — a year ago

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Vineyards of the Caucasus Tavkveri 2015

Клюква, брусника, мох, мокрая шерсть, сухая хвоя. Лёгкое тело, сочный расслабленный вкус, аккуратные танины, мягкая кислотность. 17/20
— 3 years ago

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Vladimir Miroshnikov

Vladimir Miroshnikov

Все хвалят его вина, а мне никак не заходит. Правда, я только оранжевые пробовал, но и среди них не топ оказалось.
Samvel Simonyants

Samvel Simonyants

@Vladimir Miroshnikov мне именно тавквери понравился. Получился похожим по стилю на пино нуар из жюры

Pheasant's Tears

Kartli Tavkveri

Nice cheap orange not crazy — 4 months ago


Dry Unfiltered Tavkveri Rosé

Excellent, fun wine. Drink with a chill in summer. — a year ago


Kidev Erti Petillant Naturel Tavkveri Gorula 2016

Клубника, фруктовый сад, лежалые яблоки, легкий рассол, чуть пыльно. Несложно, но отлично попить — 3 years ago

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