Super dry but balanced red. Dark, dry fruits. Tart and slightly smoky. Strong minerality. Pairs great with meat, cheese, and fruit. — 22 days ago


Dry Unfiltered Tavkveri Rosé

Excellent, fun wine. Drink with a chill in summer. — 3 years ago


Asureti Valley Dry Tavkveri Rosé 2015

Almost violet in color but light body, earthy and robust with med-high tannins nice tart acidity, amphora goodness — 3 years ago


Dry Unfiltered Red Tavkveri 2017

Light(ish)... fruity... refreshing... slight effervescence... 12% ABV... the energy of the earth — 2 years ago

Alapiani's Marani


Strong cherry and spice. Interesting balance of acid and tannins. The sharpness balances well with Georgian food. An enjoyable bottle. — 3 years ago

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Pheasant's Tears

Tavkveri Rosé 2015

More Georgian! Dank — 3 years ago


Kidev Erti Petillant Naturel Tavkveri Gorula 2016

Клубника, фруктовый сад, лежалые яблоки, легкий рассол, чуть пыльно. Несложно, но отлично попить — 4 years ago

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Tchotiashvili Family Vineyards

Dry Red SB Tavkveri 2017

Maybe my favorite Georgian red so far. Very small production... the winemaker hand writes the vintage on each bottle. Unlike the inky saperavis I’ve tried, this tavkveri is redolent with dried cherries and stewed prunes, spices a whiff of cocoa and some slate- but the palate is lively, lithe, tart and delectably tannic. Ruby in the glass. Really wonderful. — 3 years ago

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Vineyards of the Caucasus Tavkveri 2015

Клюква, брусника, мох, мокрая шерсть, сухая хвоя. Лёгкое тело, сочный расслабленный вкус, аккуратные танины, мягкая кислотность. 17/20
— 4 years ago

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Vladimir Miroshnikov

Vladimir Miroshnikov

Все хвалят его вина, а мне никак не заходит. Правда, я только оранжевые пробовал, но и среди них не топ оказалось.
Samvel Simonyants

Samvel Simonyants

@Vladimir Miroshnikov мне именно тавквери понравился. Получился похожим по стилю на пино нуар из жюры