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Miúda Graciano

Perfume of black cherry, leathery, dried out plums, fig marmalade, and the deep essence of a fistful of ruby saffron. A menacingly intoxicating bouquet.

So much flavor. Smacks of chewy raspberries, and the tartness of a cherry pie. Balanced with the brightness and liveliness of fruits of the tropics. I’m thinking a tart, unripe mango, the type that grows in India, but that my grandmother planted a decade ago in our backyard in Florida, which now bares hundreds of wonderfully tart green mangoes every year.

A little sweet spice right at the end, and you get a complex dance of flavors. One that makes you think that wine is the manifestation of a miracle growing from the ground.
— 16 hours ago

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Only Zuul Pinot Gris Gewürztraminer

Prefer the last vintage — 4 days ago

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Columbia Valley Marsanne

Jen El

Citrusy, dry, light. Perfect. Had in Montana with the scotts. — 21 days ago

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Shill-Ah-Blay Mourvèdre & Counoise Blend 2018

Pictured above. A hand written note left with a book of short stories by relatively unknown writer, Krzhizhanovsky. The book, I left for when I’m on shift at the coffee shop. A handcrafted wood pen from Muji. And a bottle of cluster processed red wine.

Oh, and books. Many books. I’ve missed them.

Unique pepper jam, peach and jalapeño bouquet. If gunpowder and raspberry compote had sex.

Rich, unctuous, a cornucopia of jammy fruit. This channels the energy of a very robust, energetic universe of soil, water, and sunshine.

Beautiful layer of creamy kick right at the end gives it a little sensual oomph. This one woke me up and made love to my taste buds. Lots of pheromonal references for a juicy, voluptuous wine.

— 12 days ago

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Bring It Red Blend

Tart and balanced. Nice. — 9 days ago

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Columbia Valley Chenin Blanc

Lovely, good acidity. Covid. — 18 days ago

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Wyd? Columbia Valley Chardonnay

Best chard I’ve had. Not too buttery, crisp but with some funk. — 21 hours ago

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V Chill Viognier

Awesome. On the Porch with Kelly. Great skin contact. Wine merchant covid. — 13 days ago

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Willamette Valley Auxerrois

Tart and funky, but not overpowering. Well balanced — 23 days ago

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City Pop Viognier Blend

Tastes like dank kombucha. Lot o bubs. — 19 days ago

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