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Domaine de Marcoux

Vieilles Vignes Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhône Blend 2005

Haven’t had a southern Rhône wine in quite a long time, and this was a fun one to break the dry spell. Definitely on the deeper / richer end of the spectrum (and 15% abv) but that’s also partially just 2005. Overall this has very deep just barely jammy red fruit. Actually good acid which keeps it somewhat balanced. Oak somewhat drying on the finish which keeps this from being truly great. — 5 days ago

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Spell Estate

Nichole's Blend Pinot Noir 2018

Cherry on the nose. Cranberry tartness on the palate. Nice balance of acidity, tannins, and oak. Refreshing. Maybe it was the spring evening, but this was a hit. — 2 months ago

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Flavio Roddolo

Dolcetto d'Alba Superiore 2015

Flavio's dolcetto is glorious. The terroir shows in the glass with the strength of nature, deep ruby colour and intense, balsamic aromas. The wine is powerful, lively, clean and well balanced. The first sips are dry and masculine with slightly animal and vinous scents, but almost immediately the fruit comes forward, delicately, black and tart cherries, wild plums. Then, the balsamic aromas take over, intense, inhebriating : licorice, anise, eucalyptus, spearmint, seabreeze, mediterranean herbs, blood orange. It's grand. The terroir here shows its royalty, the forty-to-eighty-year vines do the rest to let Flavio work his magic. As the wine breathes in the juice gets softer, putting in light a smooth landscape with strawberries and fresh cream, tobacco and toffee. In the mouth the wine is broad, savoury, alcoholic, deep. Great persistence and length even at day 2 and 3 !
Outrageous pleasure for the price ...
I've definitely gone under the spell !!
— 5 months ago

Bodegas Los Bermejos

Lanzarote Listán Negro Rosado

This is a delight. A light strawberry hue leads to a nose of robust red fruits. As it warms of course it comes to life and expresses deeper flavors of cherries and even a bit, I THINK, of some lightly fleshy tobiko. Think that’s how you spell it. It’s opening beautifully, evolving into a richer/smoother, more lush display across the palate. Pick it up and try it if you can find it- in more ways than one, it’s in its own league. — a year ago

Beth Zitzman
with Beth
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Paolo Bea

San Valentino Sangiovese Blend 2012

It was a Paolo Bea kind of night. What an incredible bouquet on the 2012 San Valentino. Coming in at 1.5% less ABV than the previous vintage, and showing depths of dark, earthy, almost animal-like complexities. Here I'm finding balsamic spice over dried strawberries, with moist dark soil tones, crushed stone, dusty dried florals, and hints of brown sugar. On the palate, silky textures flood the senses with flavors of sour cherry, tangerine, savory spice, and masses of exotic inner florals, as zesty acids make the mouth water, while concentrated tart red fruits and hints of tannin tugg at the side of my cheeks. The finish is long, zesty, spicy, and tart, yet still so energetic, as the wines vibrant acids refuse to give in to the intensity within. The result id a spell-binding and tactile experience that is impossible not to like, and easily one of my favorite vintages to date for San Valentino. — a month ago

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Barons de Rothschild (Lafite)

Le Dix de Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Solid Bordeaux style with the addition of plenty of Chilean sun, you can’t go wrong. Flavours are more Christmas spice than I would have expected with a rich dry fruit finish. Not in the Alma viva leagues but a good drop. In fairness I started this too cold after a spell in the fridge but it really started to evolve as it warmed up and also on the second day. If there was a 9.05 score option that would be right. — 4 months ago

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Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese 2010

Argiano always such a jewel in great years, and this one has finally emerged from an awkward spell. Floral and dry as a bone, seamless, great purity and notes of sweet oak and sour cherry. Ready to go with a 45 min decant, years ahead though. — 10 months ago

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Weingut Battenfeld-Spanier

Mölsheim Riesling 2017

The first German Riesling we ever sold. Always has a spot in my heart.

1er cru from young gg grapes. The more muscular of the two most known vineyards. I’m not going to try and spell it here.

Had pork in cider for dinner. Was in no mood for subtlety.

Nose is a big-un. Dense as heck. Stone fruit. Herbaciois but not vegetal.

Palate has great minerals but they take a back seat to the concentrated stone fruits. Still has that mineral grip. Bracing acidity keeps it fresh. So damned well made. Mountain stream freshness.

Needs 30 minutes to strut its stuff. And strut it does. Ass whips grosses Gewachs from all but the tippy top producers.

Bought from fass selections.
— 2 months ago

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Elegant orange wine from Brda, in the Primorska region of Slovenia, right on the border with Italy made with 100% Jakot, previously known as Tokaj Friuliano (due to legal disputes, winemakers outside of Hungary are no longer allowed to use the word Tokai/Tokaj, so they now spell it backwards). Macerated with its skins for 12 hours, aged in stainless steel for 6 months. Very aromatic, with notes of yellow apples, tropical fruit, quince and some resin. In mouth it has flavors of citrus, minerals, saltiness and a touch of spiciness in finish. Structured, great acidity — 2 months ago

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California Mourvedre 2016

Shay A

November’s 4th Friday was a big hit. There is no way I’ll be able to upload all the wines, nor give them the reviews they deserve, but there were a few worthy of mentioning!

The best Mourvèdre I’ve ever had. Spell binding stuff. Seductive like aromatics of sweet and gummy blue and black fruits wrapped in clove and sandalwood. Lighter on the palate than Andremily’s Syrah. Crunchy blueberries, puréed blackberries, sweet smoke, baking spices and graphite. Can only imagine how good this will be in a few years. Thanks
@Keith Fisher
— 6 months ago

joe leatherwoodWeston Eidson
with joe and Weston
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Ron R

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Rudius do a great Mourvèdre. Give it a whirl.
Shay A

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@Ron R : Haven’t had anything from Rudius, actually. Thanks for the tip.
Bryan Kesting

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@Shay A: great to hear the nice reviews on this wine. I figured I may need to hold mine for several years before drinking. Great pull@Keith Fisher