South Eastern, Australia

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The Punishment Pinot Noir 2018

Well-balanced S.E. Australian Pinot Noir, cherry, vanilla and spice, with medium tannin and acid, and nice smooth rounded finish (Star) — a day ago


"Little Wine" #6 Syrah

Cherry bomb! Laurel, leather and coffee too. So impressive, and young (spent 10 hours in the decanter before we started sniffing and nipping !) — 4 days ago

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Tri-Centenary Vineyard Grenache 2013

Warm wine. Lush red fruit dominated but enough acidity to keep it fresh. — 5 days ago

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Claret Shiraz 1971

This wine was shamelessly young
I could not absorb this information
I tasted it 10 years ago and I thought it was good and fairly holding up; now, this is my second bottle of the month, the other wasn't perfect, but this one, mamma mia, had a freshness that you might find in a good sangiovese. This bottle could have laid down for another 10 years easily.
Maybe not super long aftertaste, but the flavors and scents are ever changing and never ending.
To buy again and keep, crossing your fingers that you put your hands on a perfect bottle like this one.
Yes, it is 1971.
— 5 days ago

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Hoffman Dallwitz Syrah 2016

@Mark Flesher @Shay A totally agree with score and and everything else expressed - i have twelve well 11 left so I am going to wait 5-7 years

Rhonda says marinated flank steak and twice baked potatoes with grilled asparagus would compliment this wine so well

Now for Mike Rowe comments - well I can say this bad boy has some bold vibes that would make Deadpool jealous with the flexibility and the smell spends time trying to provoke childhood thoughts of the best amazing smells of mountain fruit where I grew up - the taste reaches as deep as the Grand Canyon for me after it wakes up and it takes a long time wake up but when it does 💥 💥 💥- the finish was not as long as I wanted but I bet in 5 years this wine will be at a level that is not even comparable- but and store if possible - you will be glad you did - all smiles
— 5 days ago

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Shay A

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YES! So good @Mike R !

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@Mike R Mike and Rhonda Life is so good with great great wines, food and partners Cheers 🍷


Barossa Command Single Vineyard Shiraz 2004

After a brief decant this wine produced a lovely perfume redolent of ripe plums ( almost pruney) Earth, minerals, black fruits and a little crushed ant. Also espresso notes A lot going on from this premium Barossa Cuvée On the medium to full bodied palate prunes plum and earthy meaty characters. This was an exceptional Shiraz. The fruit for the Command comes from a vineyard planted in 1894. — 18 days ago

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Bob McDonald

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@David T I have never actually been to the Cellar Door but 25 weeks ago at the Downs Club Cameron Ashmead hosted an Elderton Dinner featuring a 2010 6 litre Methuselah which he had kindly brought.
Bob McDonald

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The Methuselah was also The Command
David T

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Nice event.

Black Opal

South Eastern Shiraz 2017

Smooth and jammy. Sweet, but not too sweet. — 5 hours ago


Bin 65 Chardonnay 2016


Love It! Tues Dash w/rebate $2.99
— 3 days ago

Kaiser Stuhl

Bin 17/71 1971

Vintage Port
Marvelous flavour
So young and fresh it was quite embarrassing
— 9 days ago

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Yellow Tail (Casella Wines)

Chardonnay 2010

Tastes like caramel — 4 days ago