Somontano, Aragón

Viñas del Vero

La Miranda de Secastilla Somontano Garnacha 2010

The dark wine gives some amazing aromas on its nose. Black cherry, plum and chocolate hit the strongest, while the leather and tobacco I expected to shine took a back seat. The palate is savory, with the dark fruit carrying a load of earth and minerals. Tannic structure is still bristling with youth, and the wine finishes with baking chocolate. Have it with any kind of meat, but keep it on the table for dessert, hopefully something chocolatey. — 20 hours ago

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Bodegas Paniza

Reserva Tempranillo Blend 2009

This wine smells like port. Full bodied with raisins and chocolate notes on the palate. This wine was like a comforting, warm blanket. It envelopes you in it’s richness. It was almost Amaroné-like. — 10 days ago

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Bodegas Aragonesas

Coto de Hayas Centenaria Garnacha 2015

Legs a little thin, 8/10. Smells dark and smoky, like blackberries, cherries and currants. Taste is mellow and easily drinkable, strawberries and cherries in taste. Good but not super memorable. Fair. — 7 days ago


Reserva Somontano Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

So good. Hints of cherry, tobacco, and yes, possibly walnuts that have been eaten by the Bellota Iberian ham — 23 days ago

Bodegas Tempore

Generación 76 Tempranillo 2016

Post 19.5 recovery drink. Torn hands, dry aged ribeye, and K’s unemployment. Good days — a day ago

Bodegas Paniza

Viñas Viejas de Paniza Garnacha 2012

Mmmmm. Fig Newtons and shoe leather. — 12 days ago

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Sounds delicious! 🍷

Garage Wine Co.

Botijo Blanco Single Estate Garnacha 2017

Beautiful acidity, white floral, honey and nectar , hits mid palate and recedes. Love the structure though somewhat aggressive. Perfect with Tostonos Fritos- fried plantains, avocado relish and agave, yummmmm!

What’s a micro wine?
— 6 days ago

Bodegas Frontonio

Telescopico Macabeo Garnacha Blanca 2015

Light white wine. Hint of lime and honey and an acidic zesty finish. — 2 days ago

Pagos de Familia Langa

Pieza El Coll Calatayud Red Blend

Fruit and anise on the nose. Sharp acid and alcohol hit you bit but a nice drink. Stands up to paella well. — 8 days ago

Bodegas Ateca

Vieilles Vignes Old Vines Garnacha 2015

Jammy, fruity, great stand alone wine, but also pairs well with spice. — 9 days ago