Strekov 1075

Fred #7 Blauer Portugieser Blend

Like a cab and a Nebbiolo had a baby — 2 months ago


Carbonique Modrý Portugal 2019

Clean, simple, red fruits with a moderate carbonic attack. — 10 months ago

Slobodné Vinárstvo

Oranžista Pinot Gris 2020

Lovely balance, muscular but restrained grape tannin. Very cloudy. — 6 months ago

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Pivnica Čajkov

Vulcanica #4 (Methode Untraditional) Rose Pesecká Leánka

Effervescent all the way. Hints of pear, pepper, warming across the tongue even though chilled. — 8 months ago

Strekov 1075

Fred #8 Alibernet Blend

If you are ever unconvinced that Slovakia doesn’t make good wine you need to try is wine from Stekov. Fred 8 Is light bodied wine but finds that balance between complex and easy drinking. I saw another reviewer said Brett on the nose and totally agree it’s a little bit barley wine co- fermented but still super ripe. Would be so good with cold charcuterie or grilled chicken.  — a year ago

Slobodné Vinárstvo

Ruzovy Majer 2019

Nez foin, prairie. Salinité , agrumes, fleurs des champs — 7 months ago

Strekov 1075

Rozália St. Laurent - Alibernet Rosé Blend 2018

Very earthy, extremely funky, and slightly smoky with a subtle but delightful effervescence. Notes of raspberries and blue cheese. High salinity and strong minerality. — 8 months ago

Slobodné Vinárstvo

Traja Boxeri Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Jalapeño, asian pear, zingy zangy, grapefruit pithy. — a year ago

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