Vinhos Barbeito

The Rare Wine Co. Charleston Sercial Special Reserve Madeira

I haven’t been surprised in a while, till a few thimblefuls of this. So light on the tongue, so fresh, yet deep & profoundly lip smacking. A dry Madeira w all kinds of brown & savory flavors. Was after a meal of roasted chicken & carrots but can imagine any food combination. Rare Wine Co.importer — a month ago

Owen Mazon
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Owen Mazon

Owen Mazon

Can’t get enough. Trying to savor the light touch that weighs on my palette with brown sugar notes that don’t overdo it. Oh well. I’ll have to get another bottle.
Kevin Hyatt

Kevin Hyatt

Where did you get that tasty bottle?
Peter Sultan

Peter Sultan

My buddy got it at Flatiron Wines, in NYC @Kevin Hyatt, but I noticed Westchester Wine Warehouse also carries it. Happy Holidays- my Eurocave is still going strong btw!


Sercial Madeira 2002

Nice but didn’t stand out for me. — 10 months ago

Barbara Gazley
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Aged 5 Years Medium Sweet Madeira

Nutty roasted nose. 19% zippy acidity, nice long finish. Fucking adult koolaid.
Frank: "ropey"
— 2 years ago

Frank Freeman
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Henriques & Henriques

Medium Rich Madeira Sercial 1995

Gummy, sweet. Reduced plum with a bit of toast. Slight alcohol burn finish. — a month ago

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Vinhos Barbeito (Rare Wine Company Historic Series)

Charleston Special Reserve Sercial Madeira

Étonnante dichotomie entre le nez, qui annonce du sucre, et la bouche, qui en est à peu près dépourvue. Belle complexité. — 5 months ago

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Vinhos Barbeito

Madeira Sercial 1910

A little sweet for a sercial. — 8 months ago


Aged 10 Years Madeira Sercial

I think I like the 5 year better but maybe I'm crazy — 2 years ago


Vintage Madeira Sercial 1977

Smashing! So harmonious and relatively pure/clean. VA adds the perfect lift, balanced components throughout. Keen acid, so youthful in its vibrancy and life. Almost Scotch-esqe with its peaty/earthy tones. It’s spiced, like walking through an exotic spice market. The length and finish incredible, wrapping everything up with roasted walnuts, honey, and succulent dried fruit. Drinks like a great aged Cognac or Armagnac. — 2 months ago

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Henriques & Henriques

Garrafeira Madeira Sercial 1964

At 50+ years, this is worthy of discussion. Firmly dry as a Sercial should be. But rich and nutty, almost palate cleansing. And just a baby... — 7 months ago

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Quinta da Boavista

Orange Dao Vinho Branco Rufia 2017

Ripe apricot, honey, saline. Elevated acidity and gripping tannins. A decent orange wine. Made from a blend of Encruzado, Bical, Siria, Malvasia, and Sercial. — a year ago