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Eagle Summit Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Another TRB wine, let’s try on day 2. This is built to last, could have opened in 2033 with no problem l. — 15 days ago

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Saunter Wines

Swagger Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Really really nice. Silky smooth, like Barbour, Yount Ridge, and Sherwin Family. $55 at OWC. — 4 years ago

Jill Ritchie
with Jill

Oak Mountain Winery

Pinotage 2014

Mushrooms, bing cherries and musty herbal mocha flavors saunter to the nose. Wet earthiness dominates the palate with drying dark cocoa flavors and dank cherries. Very reminiscent of Willamette Pinot Noir tendencies. Cigar tobacco notes follow through. Satisfying. — 5 years ago

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Dennis P.

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I agree with the cigar box notes of Willemett valley wines.


Napa Valley Syrah 2021

2021 vintage. Opened (not decanted) and tasted after two hours. Super big, smoky, bacon fat, mineral nose. Heavy, ripe body and that three hundred fathoms deep darkness on a moonless night color. A touch of sweetness but suspecting it will saunter off in 5-7 years. Another great Kongsgaard Syrah vintage. 12.17.23. — 5 months ago

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Shay A

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These are absolute monsters for the first 10yrs. In most vintages I’ve gotten a very warm-Cornas vibe to them. I need to try one with 15-20yrs on it. I know @Bill Bender is a fan as well.
Scott@Mister A’s-San Diego

Scott@Mister A’s-San Diego

@Shay A these wines rock hard. I absolutely need to try one or two with a decade+ of service time. Have a few wines stored up for @Bill Bender (haven’t seen him for a month). Shoot him a text, send me a note and we can pop multiple corks in Jan/Feb/March 2024.

Saunter Wines


New vintage and new pet — 4 years ago

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Eden Ridge

Barrel Select Mendocino County Chardonnay 2014

Caramel candied apples, fresh hot kettle corn and stewed vanilla pears saunter over the rim of the glass while summertime drunken peaches delight those caramel apples as they sashay across the dance floor of your palate. Sweet sea salty kisses on the confident finish. A bolder white to conclude a sultry summer day. — 6 years ago

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Red Head Vineyard Clone 685 Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Opened on Friday & left it at the warehouse fridge until today 🤷🏼‍♂️
Strong wine but for $100.00 I can name a dozen other 2013’s I would buy instead. Nice experiment though. Very tight on Friday, opened up today after warming up.
— 8 months ago

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Saunter Wines

Petite Sirah 2007

Smooth and light - cherry flavor — 4 years ago

Caymus Vineyards

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Good wine!! Had back to back with Saunter.. Saunter was better! 1 liter bottle! — 4 years ago

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Saunter Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon 2007


My first time with this wine, made by TRB with fruit from the Clark-Claudon Vineyard on Howell Mtn. Extremely dark in the glass, almost black with just a touch of red at the edge. The nose is great - very expressive on opening, with lots of sweet dark cherries at the fore. The palate shows more dark cherries and black currant fruit, complemented by notes of coffee and plenty of fine tannins on the back end. This reminds me of a slightly fruitier version of a Seavey cab. Really good stuff. — 8 years ago

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Anthony Biagi

Anthony Biagi

Great vineyard