Dry Red Old Vineyards Saperavi 2016

Comrade, come the revolution you will like Saperavi! Stewed prunes in the finish, pepper to start. Perfect with goulash, spicy lamb, chanakhi, adjuruli, lamb sausage. The best Saperavi I have had. — 17 days ago

Vinuri de Comrat

Dry Saperavi

Серьёзный сабж! Терпкий, насыщенный, горчит. Горечь от гребней, не отделяли, видимо, сильный травяной аромат и вкус. Чёрные ягоды во вкусе.
Вторую бутылку взял целенаправленно, и не пожалел. Это реально очень круто. Добавлю баллов и отправляю в вишлист.
— a month ago

Okro's Wines

Saperavi 2016

Principles. — 2 months ago

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Standing Stone Vineyards

Teinturier Seneca Lake Dry Saperavi Rosé

Cool stuff. Rich red fruits but very dry on the finish. — 22 days ago

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Freedom Blend Editie Limitata Bastardo Blend 2017

With dark chocolate waffle cookies it was divine. Drank w Alex and Brent. Moldova. — 14 days ago

Palavani Vineyards

Qvevri Saperavi

Saperavi (Palavani)
Cherry, raspberry, blackberry (tannin)
Berry aftertaste
Could find the aromas.
— a month ago


Saperavi 2015

Not the white blend, but a true Saperavi. 14,5% but a little sweet note. Lots of black fruit. — 2 months ago

Qvevri Wine Cellar

Dry Saperavi Qvevri

Another reasonably well balance QVEVRI wine that is not hidden by high alcohol level 13%
Moorish with good length to the finish
— a month ago

Shildis Mtebi

Dry Saperavi 2018

Отличный экземпляр! Саперави, как оно должно быть. Приятный букет, насыщенный вкус. Браво! В вишлист. — a month ago

Standing Stone Vineyards

Finger Lakes Saperavi 2017

Finger. Lakes. Saperavi.

If this ain’t American winemaking in the 21st century we don’t know what is! 🇺🇸🍷🇬🇪🍇

At least, that’s what we were thinking before reading up on Standing Stone and founders Marti & Tom Macinski. They actually first planted this fascinating Georgian grape here in ***1994*** (just 3 years after Georgia left the USSR, for those keeping score at home) intended for blending.

Increasingly impressed by the quality of the grapes, they offered their first varietal Saperavi in 2010 - as “The Dark Red”, since the grape name was as yet unrecognized by the federal government. Once it was, they became the first American winery to release a wine labeled Saperavi.

Fine tuned to the cold, high mountains of Kakheti in eastern Georgia, it makes sense why it would thrive in the Finger Lakes! The name Saperavi literally means “ink”, a sensible name for a grape with pitch-dark skin AND flesh! 🖤

Marti and Tom sold the winery and retired in 2017. But their enduring legacy may just be budding. We’ve heard of Saperavi planting projects underway in New York, Virginia, and Oregon.

Saperavi’s runaway affinity for the Finger Lakes may have been a bit of a happy accident, but the Macinskis deserve every bit of credit for thinking outside the box, putting it in motion, and bringing it to fruition! 🙌🙌🙌
— 2 months ago

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