Re Manfredi

Barons de Rothschild (Lafite)

Aruma Mendoza Malbec 2018

High, high quality! Good spice, just enough smooth vs. tannins, keeps well re-plugged in the fridge. Will rebuy soon! — 6 days ago

Charles Palmer

Brut Rosé Blanc re Noirs 2015

Jan A

My first UK champagne, like it! — a month ago

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Paul Jaboulet Aîné

La Chapelle Hermitage Syrah

Had an op to re-buy at $115 and wanted to check in on the 2006. What a nice rendition. Perhaps not the best vintage overall, but in really great shape right now with the typical tobacco aromas. Needless to say, I am buying more — a month ago

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Marcel Lapierre

Morgon Gamay 2019

When you open a Lapierre you know you are going to have a good time. A gourmet wine with immediate pleasure as the Beaujolais floods know how to produce. Here we are dealing with one of the great artisans of natural wine without the inconvenience that this type of wine sometimes produces. It is a magnificent expression of Gamay, with volume, depth, relief. the nose is just wow! The mouth is incredibly charming .. to (re) discover.

Quand on ouvre un Lapierre on sait qu’on va passer un bon moment.. Vin gourmand au plaisir immédiat comme les crues du Beaujolais savent le produire. Ici nous avons à faire à l’un des grands artisans-historique du vin nature sans les désagréments que ce type de vins produisent parfois. C’est une magnifique expression du gamay, avec du volume, de la profondeur, du relief. le nez est juste wow! La bouche est d’un charme fou.. à (re)découvrir.
— 2 months ago

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Daniel M

Daniel M

Ça va aller Romain hein, je commence à sérieusement baver quand je vois tes posts 😀 heureusement je trouve des lapierre ici (hors de prix, même hors calcul de niveau de vie)
Romain Fitoussi

Romain Fitoussi

@Daniel M Effectivement. Voyager loin et longtemps m’a permis de mesurer au combien c’était une chance et une richesse française que d’avoir accès à type de produits presque au coin de la rue. J’honore cette chance à la moindre occasion. Au plaisir de trinquer ensemble one day cher Daniel

Dom Pérignon

Brut Champagne Blend 2010

Looking at some rebuy ops this weekend I can get more of this 2010 or Krug MV at $133. So had to re-familiarize myself with the 2010 Dom. Quite typical, but overall just very good and not outstanding. The carbonation of this young Dom is a bit off putting. After some time this is evolving nicely. A really good champagne, but I will be buying more Krug — 20 days ago

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The Octave: Duncan Taylor 23 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

This is re-casked (believe correct term) in an Octave and therefore only 60 bottles available. I and the tasting group did not taste some of the flavor profile the bottler saw - pear/citrus and found it more wood/dried fruits/caramel/toffee. This one was the darkest brown if the group and I found the most flavorful. It’s power at 51.8%. Adding a drop of water I thought really changed the profile and made it run hotter for me. The finish on this lasts well past a minute. I usually don’t notice the finish for that long but this one stayed there for a whole and made so you didn’t forget it. Might be best if the night or at least tied with Blackadder. — a month ago

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North Gate Vineyard

Meritage Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2011

Crazy how legit this 10yr old WET vintage blend is from the DeftHand of Mark Fedor. At his peak, Mark routinely had at least one wine in the governors case… so I f I Brown-bagged this and told you it was Rioja, you wouldn’t argue. The age has melded tannin (wood and fruit) and fruit acid to a cured state of Class. All of this from VINTAGE of limited ripeness. 51% CS, 30% Merlot.... I hope Mark re-emerges at a top-tier Celler so he he can make these wines again. Mark’s last vintage was the 2015 Meritage… The 16 season was finished by Nate since he bought Northgate — 2 months ago

Domaine des Herbauges

Le Chant Baron Groulleau Gris 2019

“Pink-skinned mutation of Grolleau Noir” per the bottle, from the Loire Valley. Ethereal and floral and soft. Definitely a re-buy. #natty — 20 days ago

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Gravel Bed Sonoma County Red Blend 2016

Re edit. After leaving the bottle open, this is actually quite good. Nice structure. Minerality finish. — a month ago

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Elena Walch

Alto Adige Pinot Bianco 2019

The pro’s need to re-examine their ratings. I had this with lobster pasta a la Bon Appetite . Flipping’ delicious! Don’t be a snob and enjoy it! — a month ago