Viuva José Gomes da Silva & Filhos

Collares Ramisco

Holding up remarkably well for its age. What stands out about the wine is how well the tannins have kept up with the fruit. They’re firm but well articulated, melting away, leaving a sandy-like texture around the palate. The fruit, plums and cherries, offers glimpses into the wine’s past. They’re still there, but soft and unassuming. Tertiary and complex. — a month ago

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Fundação Oriente

Colares Ramisco


A lot of salinity. Quite good. — a year ago

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Tavares & Rodrigues

Reserva Colares Ramisco

NV circa 1940. Garnet red, young and rustic. Will probably mature in 20-50 years... These wines are ageless. Wet earth, mushrooms, moss. — 4 years ago

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Eugênio Oliveira

Eugênio Oliveira

I love Colares!!!!

Villa Oeiras

Superior Carcavelos Ramisco

Interesting white fortified. More substance than Taylor’s chip dry. Almonds. — 3 months ago

Adega Regional de Colares

Arenæ Colares Ramisco 2010

Balsamic, cherry, olive, spices - delicious! — 4 months ago

Real Vinicola

Real Vinicola Ramisco Colares 1973

16.5/20 (90/100) Вино с насыщенным букетом ароматов крем де кассис, черничного варенья, варёной сливы, шоколада, чёрного перца, гвоздики, лакрицы, мускатного ореха и фиников. Кислотность выше средней, танины бархатистые. Во вкусе несладкие чёрные ягоды, мускатный орех, чёрный перец и шампиньоны. Довольно продолжительное послевкусие. Очень хорошо! — 2 years ago

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Manuel José Colares

Casta Ramisco Red Blend 1997

Funk, brett, very woody, dried tobacco, smoke, again big tannin. Very masculine. Birth year! — 4 months ago

Antonio Bernardino Paulo da Silva

Colares Chitas Reserva Velho Ramisco

Mineral, iofic, palate: dried apricots, nutty, wox, long aftertaste, good acidity, saltines — 10 months ago

Casa Manoel Boullosa

Carcavelos Ramisco 1991

Unbelievable! A statement in the beginning, followed by roasted chestnuts that are maybe a little candied; beautiful lingering finish that is warm to the soul. Simply divine! — 2 years ago

D. J. Silva Visconde de Salreu

Visconde de Salreu Collares Ramisco 1973

Not at its best, but pretty solid for an old lady. — 4 years ago

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