Puglia Primitivo

Feudo di Santa Croce

Imperio LXXIV Primitivo di Manduria 2015

Big and rich with a bit of oak. Fruity- plums and blackberry and some pepper. Tannins were smooth and the wine had such a full, round feel. Excellent. ā€” 7 days ago

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Il Brutto

Salento Negroamaro Primitivo 2018

I love this wine, very similar to the 2016 that I had last time. Nice table wine, pairs well with just about anything. Happy National Drink Wine Day!! šŸ·šŸ• ā€” a day ago

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Happy drink wine day! Lovely snack!šŸ•
DC Radisson

DC Radisson

Negroamaro always been a favorite šŸ·
Sharon B

Sharon B

@Trixie thanks! @DC Radisson yes with me too!

Masseria Li Veli

Orion Salento Primitivo

Rooster and the till $8/glass great. Yemi likes ā€” 4 days ago

San Marco

Pillastro Puglia Primitivo 2016

Color of ruby with burgundy, quite clear. Nose of fermented cabbage, vanilla, and black tea. Taste is smooth with sweetness, tea flavors, vanilla, sweet blueberry and grape, good acidity, and a bit mineral. Aftertaste is medium short with some light sweet and zest note. On par. ā€” 7 hours ago

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Masso Antico

Primitivo 2015

This Italian restaurant has an extensive selection of Italian wines. Not recognizing most of the wineries, we leaned on our chef/server to recommend a wine in the $30 price range and this was the result, and only $25. Pleasant enough with our pasta dishes. ā€” 14 days ago

Tenuta Macchiarola

Bizona BW 555 Blue Wine Primitivo

Bright, tart, cherry, slight barn ā€” 3 days ago

Gianfranco Fino

'Es' Primitivo di Manduria 2016

Zinfandel as it should be, but rarely is. This wine must be decanted to remove sediment, and needs a long time to breathe. I would recommend 3 hours open before serving. Strong wine with 16.5% alcohol. When first opened, it was sweet, and the alcohol was overwhelming. But then it opened up and showed earthy and leathery flavors. ā€” 4 days ago

Masseria Altemura

Sasseo Salento Primitivo 2017

Rich and powerful. Tannic and deep. Smooth Vanilla and a tobacco with a chocolate. Or maybe ripe fruits, Iā€™m not sure. With Fantastic pepper finish ā€” 11 days ago

Cantine San Marzano

Il Pumo Salento Primitivo

Light primitivo . Super fun, great with pizza or pasta, great value for money ā€” 2 months ago

Orion Wines

Lucale Appassimento Primitivo 2018

Drank at Grain. Really nicely balanced between being sweet and heavy with a slightly herbal or spicy taste. ā€” 19 days ago