Puglia Primitivo

San Marco

Pillastro Puglia Primitivo 2016

light floral taste on the front and then ramps up to a full body rich plumb with strong tannins. Overall dry and rich experience but not heavy. A great wine to pair with many meals. — a day ago

Masso Antico


Smooth, low acid and buttery delicious. — 11 days ago


Primitivo 2018

Aldi one of the nicest puglian reds quite fruity light and v easy to drink will buy again — 22 days ago


Terra Aprica Primitivo di Puglia

Dunkel, schwer, ideal zu rotem Fleisch — 18 days ago

Cristiano Guttarolo

Amphora Primitivo 2019


delish, mineral-y, medium body oomph, v interesting, unfiltered. ideal kind of orange. Drank w cheuk on a hill w Mexican food — 10 days ago

Terre al Sole

Salento Primitivo

Paired with pork tenderloin, really clean and not too heavy. — 7 days ago

Masseria Li Veli

Orion Salento Primitivo 2018

Umami right at the start with red berry and light perfumed rose following. Ripe strawberry, lavender, and hay on the palate. — 18 days ago

Azienda Agricola Natalino del Prete

Nataly Salento Primitivo 2015

When I think about the ideal rustic Italian food wine, THIS is what I am thinking of. — 2 days ago

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Angiuli Donato

Puglia Primitivo

Really nice mix of acid, alcohol, and tannin. A Primitivo find. — 11 days ago

Leone de Castris

Illivia Puglia Primitivo 2018

Vollmundig. Fruchtig und intensiv in der Nase und im Geschmack. Hält was er verspricht! Kirsche und Waldbeeren. Halbtrocken.
Sehr gut!
6€ in Metro.
— 21 days ago

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