Puglia Primitivo

Cantine San Marzano

62 Anniversario Riserva Primitivo di Manduria

Compliments of Scott and Jad for Hartwood @ home night Their favorite from their Italian honeymoon — it definitely should be decanted and sit for an hour before drinking. Once it has a chance to breathe... it’s quite good. Need to investigate if it should be cellared for a bit as well. Overall: quality. Yet to know it’s true story. — 5 days ago

Notte Rossa

Primitivo di Manduria

One of the best reds I’ve tasted for a long time. Velvety smooth with low tannin aftertaste. Wonderful drink. — 13 days ago

Futura 14

Il Rosso Dei Vespa Salento Primitivo

Пил 15-й год. Очень ягодное, сладкое, при этом согравающее. Отличное интересное вино. — 13 days ago

Antica Masseria del Sigillo

Primitivo di Manduria

Enjoyed on the patio at Forno before a show. Nice well balanced red. Lots of plump red fruit. Velvety smooth. Such a delightful, easy drinking wine. Perfect for fall and winter. — 6 days ago

San Patrimo

Puglia Primitivo

Probably the best bargain wine I've ever had. Bought in a store in Bologna for 4 euros. Excellent wine for the money, flavours of dried fruit, raisin but with good body. — 21 days ago

Poderi Angelini

Primitivo di Manduria 2012

At Il Portico, a quaint little spot in the Jewish Ghetto. Packed with locals, we were here in January and promised we'd come back. I didn't think it would be later this year! I love Primitivo. None of the earthiness of the Brunello we'll dive into next (which we'll love) and loads of fruit. Just like its cousin from California, Mr. Zin. Smooth! — 20 days ago

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Appassimento Puglia IGT Primitivo 2015

Zingy acidity followed by peppery fruitiness — 6 days ago

Ca' del Grifone

Old Vine Primitivo 2016

2016 Trader Joe's $4.49. 13% alc. Unbelievable for a 4 buck Chuck.!!!! Buy more!! — 15 days ago

Masca del Tacco

Lu'Li Appassimento Primitivo

Super delicious, had with Pizza — 7 days ago

Feudi di San Marzano

Sessantanni Old Vines Primitivo di Manduria 2013

Excellent Italian with complex flavors of fruit, strong and smooth tannins and long end in mouth. — 3 months ago