Decugnano dei Barbi

Villa Barbi Orvieto Classico Grechetto Blend

2020/4. Quite floral - I’d like to try this again next to some Palazzone, which I remember as much more nutty. — 9 months ago

Podere Orto

Trivium Lazio Rosso Sangiovese 2017

2017 vintage is an outstanding blend of Sangiovese, Cesanese, Ciliegiolo, Procanico. — 2 years ago

La Villana

Vino Bianco 2017

When I was a kid my mom would put salt on a lemon wedge and suck out the juice as a kind of after meal palate cleanser. This is kind of like that. — 2 years ago

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Le Coste

Bianco Procanico Blend

Amazing color. Peach, apricot, iced tea. A little nail polish on the nose too. Got some grip. High acidity. — 6 months ago

Soc Agr Gazzetta

Bianco Castagno Procanico

Great orange wine from northern Lazio, only 700 bottles, Procanico grape. Long finish and complexity, that is sometimes lacking in skin contact wines. — 2 years ago

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Jason Sliwa

Jason Sliwa

Nice find!!

Azienda Agricola Ajola

Bianco Pic Nic Procanico Blend 2015

2015 vintage. Golden color, full-bodied, unfiltered (?), paired with ricotta gnocchi w/ butter, sage, chanterelles, charred sweet corn, & parmigiano. — 2 years ago

La Villana

Vino Bianco Uovo Procanico

So fun. Clean and gritty. Astringency controlled but firm. Very aromatic. — 7 months ago

Sean KnollJulia Miller
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Marchesi Antinori

Palazzo Antinori White Blend 2015

Full bodied, warm feelings, smooth. Excellent, unassuming wine. — 2 years ago

Tenuta Le Velette

Berganorio Orvieto Classico Trebbiano 2017

Had the 2016, and this 17 is probably a bit better. So so good. First, it's really not as acidic as I would like. Both a good and bad thing. When enjoying lighter fare without a lot of sauce or spice, this Berganorio is a perfect match. Comprised of 30% Procanico, 30% Grechetto, 20% Malvasia, 15% Verdelho, and 5% Drupeggio, this wine is mildly acidic up front, but balanced by lighter lemon, lime and grapefruit that morphs into a wine that is more weighted and mature than expected through the middle and finish. Although the notes are always on the lighter, more tropical side, the wine doesn't ever take a thin or uninspiring side. Although I will definitely say that I don't think this one is really intended to age. Well done Velette! — 2 years ago

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