See previous reviews. This is quite a different vodka. Rye. So has much more going on. More assertive than grain vodkas. Does not get sweet or weird when mixed. — a month ago

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Thanks for reviewing this one. Cheers! 🍸
Philip Patston

Philip Patston

I took one for the team . Cheers!

Adoria Vineyards

Zachowice Bacchus 2017

very fresh and young polish pinot and i love it <3 — 4 months ago

Domaine des Hâtes

L'Homme Mort Fourchaume Chablis 1er Cru Chardonnay 2016

... in Mikołajki (Mazurian District) in Poland — 7 months ago

Péter Setét, Golop, Míves Borház Kft

Meggyes - Istenhegy Tokaji Hárslevelu Félszáraz 2013

Purchased and tasted in Poland. One of the coolest wines I’ve ever had. A touch of sweetness, electric acidity, pronounced minerality, and flavors of peach, apricot, almond, ginger, and sultana. — 7 months ago

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Winnica nad Jarem

Regelt Regent Zweigelt

Aged for 4 years. Lots of cranberries on the nose.Slight grassy/hay note on the back. Red cranberries flavor with a short finish. Paired with a spicy burger. — a month ago

Pablo Cetlinski

Pablo Cetlinski

Drank in California surrounded by Cabs

Hospices de Beaune

Camille Giroud Cuvée Blondeau Volnay 1er Cru 1937

Absolutely gorgeous! Wasn’t this the year Hitler invaded Poland?! Mind blowing wine! Bravo! — 4 months ago

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Jean Foillard

Côte du Py Morgon Gamay 2014

Last wine in our flat in Paris before relocating to Warsaw, Poland. A 10 because this wine in this vintage is probably the one I’ve had the most over the time we’ve spent here. Nose of rose petal, cherry, a bit of a humid forest soil scent too which I haven’t smelled with this one before. The palate is, as always, a model of balance with striking acids, lots of fruits (cherry, red forest berries). A light kick in the end of the palate with a nice finish with cherry and raspberry. A nice grip all along the palate. Not as wide and opulent as I recalled it but much more subtle, contemplative. I like it so much! Now I can’t wait to taste my first wine in our new flat in Warsaw! — 6 months ago

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Daniel Maquin

Daniel Maquin

Now I hope I could get good tips from @Wojciech Bońkowski to find good spots over in Warsaw where to get good stuff 😅🍷

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@Daniel Maquin All the best Cheers 🍷
Daniel Maquin

Daniel Maquin

@Phil A Thank you 🙏!



Mixes nicely, works as a primary, secondary, garnish, it’s a little too expensive, but nonetheless, very very solid — 2 months ago

Winnica Srebrna Góra

Polka wino białe Johanniter Blend 2017

Very fruity on nose, fruity on palate. Polish white wine from a great Polish producer. Great blend! — 3 months ago

Winnica Turnau

Solaris 2016

Nose of melon, clementine, grape, grapefruit, white flowers. Very intense and fruity. The palate is wide and long with a strong grip, a good acid backbone, different layers of fruit : melon, lemon, grapefruit. A very long fruity and refreshing finish. Best polish wine tasted so far. And first wine in our new flat in Warsaw ! — 6 months ago

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Ron R

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The label presents well. Reads like it’s well worth a spin. Enjoy your new home.
Daniel Maquin

Daniel Maquin

@Ron R it is ! And thanks 🙏