Plavac Mali

Korta Katarina

Plavac Mali 2010

Excellent old school plavac mali, rich and tannic, not too heavily oaked — 11 days ago

Vinarija Ponos Potomje

Dingač Barrique Plavac Mali 2016

Well balanced lovely wine - Croatian wine is becoming one of my faves! — 18 days ago

Potomje Matusko

Potomje Placav Mali 2016

Super smooth, like the plavac Mali with notes of blueberry but thicker mouthfeel while being velvery smooth — a month ago

Tomic Bastijana (Tomic)

Illyricum Plavac Mali Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Fruit forward but enough earthiness to balance it out. Benefitted from a decanter. — 2 months ago

Grgić Vina

Croatia Plavac Mali 2016

They used new barrels for this year and the char really bleeds in to the wine making for an interesting and - in my personal opinion - absolutely delicious bottle! — 4 months ago


Bela Voda Macedonia Vranac Plavac Mali

LOVE this wine. Heavy dried fruits on the nose, charcoal, cigar, white pepper. Full bodied, dark red, velvet mouthfeel. Tastes meaty. Purchased the 2013 from the Livingston wine shop. — 24 days ago


Dingač Plavac Mali 2015

Hands down this is the best Dingac I’ve had in eons. 2015 seems to have been a dynamite year. Stocking up for sure. Seek it out! — 2 months ago


Šibenik Plavac Mali

Wow what a fun wine. Light body but packs a little cool spicy punch. Perfect for drinking alongside sweet and savory Mexican dishes (chicken mole) — a month ago

Salvador liked this


Plavac Mali 2017

The best of this wine I’ve tried in Croatia. Super rich and smooth mouth feel. Luscious berries with a bit of tobacco notes for me. — 2 months ago