Pico Cuadro

Angiolino Maule

Pico Faldeo Garganega

Sassaia 2017. Крес салат, квашеная капуста, томатный рассол, во вкусе крес салат, соленое, хурма, очень сладкое фруктовое послевкусие и одновременно соленое. Очень интересное, с удовольствием выпью еще. Но до 9 не хватает мне чего-то.
Перепробовал на следующий день, очень сладкое, гораздо больше хурмы.
— 7 days ago

Pattes Loup (Thomas Pico)

Butteaux Chablis 1er Cru Chardonnay 2015

Yummy, crisp and flavorful — 4 months ago

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Domaine Gilbert Pico

Chablis Chardonnay

2017. Beau potentiel. — 15 days ago

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Pattes Loup (Thomas Pico)

Chablis Chardonnay 2014

Intense mineral, a surprising hint of strawberry. The fruit is pretty fat, given how tight and acid this is. — a month ago

Pico Maccario

Lavignone Barbera d'Asti

From Kim - 17.99. Shared with Kris — 3 months ago

Azores Wine Co.

António Macanita Açores Verdelho

Volcanic Verdelho do Pico (different from the Portuguese mainland Verdelho, also known as Godello in Spain) from vineyards located on 3 different islands - Pico, Graciosa and S. Miguel- in the Azores archipelago. Virtually at sea level and unusually close to the Ocean, vines grow on very poor volcanic basalt soils, surrounded by traditional stone-walled “currais” to protect them from the extreme Atlantic winds. Salty and mineral. Thirst-quenching acidity. Passion fruit. 🌋 🌋 — 4 months ago

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Pattes Loup (Thomas Pico)

Vent d'Ange Chablis Chardonnay 2017

good but not worth the price paid — a month ago

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Pattes Loup (Thomas Pico)

Vin de France Chardonnay

Consistently amazing. Surprisingly refreshing from the south of France. — a month ago

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Pico Maccario

Lavignone Piemonte Barbera Rosato

Slightly dry, floral, really like this for an easy drinking, casual rosé — 2 months ago