Pantelleria, Trapani

Alessandro Viola

Note di Bianco Grillo

cold apple pie — 12 hours ago

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Passito di Pantelleria Bent-el Riah 2011

Raisins... stunning. Plum and apricot and mushroom and damp leaves — 3 days ago

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Marco De Bartoli

10 anni Riserva Marsala Superiore Grillo

Almond, plum, apricot, honey, fig, prune, and chocolate. Savory and stony on the palate. 18.5% abv. Good with seafood, mushroom, poultry, and chocolate. — 4 months ago

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Duca di Salaparuta

Risignolo Kados Grillo 2016

Baked apples, lemon, savory and a bit saline, sage or other cooking herbs. Warm, spicy, fresh. A nice crisp finish. — a day ago

Abbazia San Giorgio

Lustro Catarratto

Honey finish - love — 3 months ago


Ben Ryé Passito di Pantelleria Zibibbo 2015

Deep amber color. Peach aroma. @, 302, 190719 — 5 months ago

Marco De Bartoli

Vecchio Samperi Grillo

Amazingly good pairing with white truffle pasta — 9 days ago

Abbazia San Giorgio

Orange Bianco Muscat of Alexandria 2018

This is what you Bini fans have been wanting after the disappointment of the last few vintages. All that three-dimensional tropical punch that makes pantelleria zibibbo such a singular experience. Buy on sight. — 15 days ago

Lulu Doyle
with Lulu
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Al Doyle

Al Doyle

Ah sorry I was unclear; I meant this reminded me of the first Bini zibibbos I was drinking like five or six years ago, but this isn’t Bini, but it’s as good as that, and it’s half the price.
Al Doyle

Al Doyle

After a quick bit of searching it turns out that the winemaker Battista Belvisi worked with Bini for 11 years so there you go 🤷🏼‍♂️
Aaron Tan

Aaron Tan Influencer Badge

Ah. Didn't realize that. Thanks for clarifying 👍

Cantine Florio

Riserva Targa Marsala Superiore Semisecco Grillo

Drinking it in Marsala, at the cantina, increases its value for me. Im not a fan of Marsala generally, but I liked this one with cantucci dipped in it. — 5 months ago