Orviéto, Terni


Terre Vineate Orviéto Classico Superioré Trebbiano Blend 2017

A very nice Orvieto. Light & bright at first, nice finish, went well with rich cheeses and Genoa samlami. Makes me remember wild boar ragu — drank after left out of refrigerator for 1 hour. — a day ago

Decugnano dei Barbi

Villa Barbi Orvieto Classico Grechetto Blend

2020/4. Quite floral - I’d like to try this again next to some Palazzone, which I remember as much more nutty. — 20 days ago

Bussoletti Leonardo

Brecciaro Ciliegiolo di Narni 2015

strawberries. cherries. bright fruit. light bodied, yet deep color. a little oak and tar. plum on the nose. delicious. buy again. from flatiron. — 23 days ago

Fratelli Martini

Collezione Marchesini Orvieto Classico White Blend 2018

Very clean, light body, light fruit, no off-flavors, not green or mineral. This is a value-for-money wine. Impressive for the price. I am a Ruffino Orvieto addict but for the same price, this choice is superior. — 2 months ago


Orvieto Grechetto 2017

Quite liked this esp at around 50F. Nice acidity and a fleshier texture than most whites of this style. — 25 days ago

Agricola Titignano

Salviano Turlo Lago di Corbara Sangiovese Blend 2011

Drink only in age range. This one was prob a 8.9 but at price give it a jump up. — 2 months ago

Palazzone Dubini Locatelli

Musco Vino Bianco 2015

Fresh, funky, and sentimental. Conjures memories from our 2016 visit to Orvietto. If I close my eyes I’m transported from our quarantined patio to the sunny landscapes of the vineyard — 2 days ago

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Azienda Agricola Ajola di Jacopo

Vino Rosso

Light and lively and juicy, carbonic I think. Hint of effervescence also. — 17 days ago

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Orvieto Trebbiano Blend 2019

Easy to drink :) — 16 days ago


Castagnolo Orviéto Classico Superioré White Blend

Weirdly this almost has an initial nose of durum wheat pasta or maybe I’m projecting dinner. Round with ripe apricots and preserved lemons with a mild lingering mineral finish. Amazing for the price . — 3 months ago