Oliver Conti

Oliver Zeter

Nussriegel Riesling 2017

Wunderbare Mineralität, Limette, Grapefruit - Klasse! — 14 days ago

Domaine de la Romanée-Conti (DRC)

Romanée-St. Vivant Pinot Noir 1976

I brought this. From a bottle with a 6 cm ullage. I was worried about giving this too much air before the tasting so I double decanted it and stopped it – so the air it got was at the event. This was a good strategy as it started out pretty nicely, but then powered up and had some peacock moments during the afternoon. My score grew during the day. Notes of raspberry and rhubarb and Asian spice that is typical of Vosne wines. Nice, sweet profile with complexity and pizazz that grew with air. Nice showing for a not so great bottle condition and a not so great vintage. — 23 days ago

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Alan Weinberg

Alan Weinberg

Pinot tolerates an ullage so often, surprisingly. Tough vintage often roasted. Great!

Stoneboat Vineyards

Pinot House Okanagan Valley Pinot Gris 2018

Another light bc (Oliver) pn. Keep near top of list. — 21 days ago

Domaine de la Romanée-Conti (DRC)

Échézeaux Pinot Noir 2017

Is 2017 young to drink DRC? Sure. But 2014 was corked, so 2017 to the rescue! 2017 is still insanely expressive and welcoming even at this stage with its expansive and velvety texture, elite depth and riveting energy and concentration. It has impeccable balance and an ultra persistent finish, surely to be a star as it further develops and gains complexity. This is my 3rd time having 2017 DRC, and all have been pretty darn accessible. Even La Tâche. There’s no wrong time to drink DRC 💫 — 10 days ago

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Jay Kline

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Opening any bottle of DRC after opening a corked bottle of DRC is straight baller.
Mike R

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Bravo and tissue please as I will cry for you for the 14 being corked

Oliver Winery

Sweet Red Concord

Sweet red, well balanced. Says to drink chilled but I prefer it room temp. It has a very nice concord grape boutique, with a hint of strawberries. It paired very well with pasta and chocolate, and it stands very well on it's own. It's not a overly sweet wine, and it will definitely leave you asking for more. I was very surprised for the price I paid $7.99. — a month ago

Two Vintners

Oliver Columbia Valley Red Blend 2016

Petite sirah-syrah 70-30 blend. Two vintners is one of my favorite wineries (definitely best value) in washington. This does not disappoint. If you like petite in the turley style, this is worth the try. — a month ago

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Domaine de la Romanée-Conti (DRC)

Marey-Monge Romanée-St. Vivant Pinot Noir

Could have been label bias, or a cellar diving late night. But this was an ephemeral delight of strawberry lace. — 11 days ago

Domaine de la Romanée-Conti (DRC)

Corton Grand Cru Pinot Noir 2013

Oacar fdz mazf alex — 16 days ago

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Oliver Winery & Vineyards

Cherry Cobbler Apple Wine

3/5/2021: Very good 🍎🍒 — a month ago