Okinawa, Japan

Hakkaisan Sake Brewing

Kowakura Shikomi Junmai Daiginjo Saké

The atmosphere is helping but I’m also debating if I should be decanting my sake. This one was put in a carafe similar to the glass and it was amazing. The gold glass and carafe also made it sparkle. — 16 days ago

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Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery

Oyaji Gokuraku Junmai Ginjo

Hint of citrus peel followed by minerality, salinity, and earthy umami. — 3 days ago

Kodama Brewery


Unfiltered sake - dry with some fruity notes. Perfect with uni omakase menu! — 5 days ago

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Nabeyoshi Limited Company

Yamahai Yoshibe Junmai Sake

Yamahai method to make Nihon shu.
No lactic acid is added to deter microbes and bacteria from spoiling the fermentation.
It is left to ferment naturally.
Ripe green melon on the nose.
Ripe melon, papaya, a creaminess and nought with a smooth finish.
Nihon shu can change (like good Riesling) if it warms up 2-3 degrees.
More expansive in flavours with a couple of degrees in temperature.
This Nihon shu is amazing with scallop sashimi.
— 22 days ago

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Sohomare Sake Brewery Co.

"Heart and Soul" Tokubetsu Kimoto Junmai Sake

Mild sake with medium sweetness. Smooth as an Asian booty. 👀💦 — 14 days ago

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Nikka Days

Blended Whisky

Great example of the light yet full flavored Japanese Whisky. This is a close cousin; I don’t have to search endlessly for Hibiki. — 10 days ago


'Yorokobi' Junmai Daiginjo Sake

I was blown away by this. Typifies "power without weight", which is a prerequisite for greatness in my books. Many thanks to SC for sharing this - a new saké brewery for me and definitely one I'd be looking out for.

Without further ado, SC's notes:

This nihonshu is made from a blend of multiple aged nakagumi junmai daiginjo (40% polishing) that has been aged for 3 years in the brewery and 2 additional years of home ageing.

In the context of Gikyo, this is anomalously poised, refined and subdued in nature. Delicate and extremely well defined as if you could pick out the thread of each scent one by one — Rice, lemongrass, petrichor, mineral, fennel and elderflowers. A bit warmth emanated from the high abv, but very well judged. The tension and persistence here are just incredible, especially for such a delicate nihonshu, not to mention, it has loads of potential to excel even further. 
— 2 months ago

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Eau du Désir Yamada Nishiki Junmai Ginjo Sake 2019

Great way to start the year. Pure and energetic! Not as "raw" as the last time I had this, but still as effervescent. Fruit swept aromas followed by a sweet front palate and a kick of refreshing citrussy acidity to finish. So delicious! — 23 days ago

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Kirin Ichiban

Komugi no Umami

Era perfetto per la sera in Big Island. Il nostro favarito veramente. — 2 months ago

Nagurayama Shuzou

Yokikana "Master's Touch" Junmai Ginjo Sake

Nagurayama Yokikana - The Master’s Touch. Let it warm and round out. It’s nice cold, crisp and viscous as well as when the chill is off and it becomes a bit sweeter and a bit more weight as the alcohol becomes more present. — 15 days ago

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Norman Gennaro

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The back says a daiginjo in all but name. Serve cool but not cold. Agree on both counts.