Morava, Czech Republic

Milan Nestarec

Nach Red Blend


Dry, pinot + swigilt, eastern European, minerally, minerally, chill able, $27ish — 5 days ago

Milan Nestarec

Forks And Knives Pinot Noir

Cannot beat a wine from Chech Republic!!!! To my Chechian nieghbours! — a month ago

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Milan Nestarec

Forks & Knives Neuburger 2018

Sweet. Apricots. Love the format. — 2 months ago

Milan Nestarec

Red Blend 2018

Wow, this is like pomegranates with stone by the seaside. Just wonderful crunchy flavor. On the finish I get cranberries. Definite cherries and some herbs with the slightest hint of baking spice. Highly recommend if you like Beaujolais or minimal processed carignan/valdigue from newer producers. — 3 months ago

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Milan Nestarec

TRBLMKR Neuburger 2016

Funky to start would rec a decant or just leave it in the fridge open for a bit. On the nose floral, orange blossom, burnt almond, candied orange peel and peach nectar or reduction. So fresh and lively on the pallet. Little grippy and fleshy on the finish and mouth feel. Such a lovely wine could drink with almost all seafood and lighter fresher pastas. What a joy. — a month ago

Jaroslav Osička

Oranž Tramín červený Pinot Gris 2019

Really funky, easy drinking, orange — a month ago

Milan Nestarec

Forks & Knives Red Blend 2020

Peppery with a nice bite. — 2 months ago

Moonlight Brewing Company

Reality Czech Pilsner

Hands down the best Pilsner I’ve had. Not too hoppy. Super fine creamy bubbles with just the right amount of bitterness and a super long finish. — 24 days ago

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Annette Govan

Annette Govan

Will try something new 😊

Milan Nestarec

Danger 380 Volts Sparkling Blend

Anna K

Nice not very sour taste. Something in-between sparkling wine and cider. Very good for a hot weather — a month ago

Petr Marada

Oranz Tramin cerveny 2017

Literally the best white I’ve had ever in my life lol — 3 months ago