Morava, Czech Republic

Milan Nestarec

Bang! Youngster Rose Blaufränkisch Blend

SIGHT: a beautiful juicy ruby red with blue undertones. SMELL: grass after a warm summer rain. Moss. Salty air. Dry dusty dirt. TASTE: wax lips. Dusty pre-ripe fruits. Chlorine. Cranberries. A hint of fried food in a good way. — 13 days ago

Pilsner Urquel

The Original Pilsner

As good as it gets — a month ago

Milan Nestarec

Youngster Pinot Noir Blend Rosé

Smell of bread year, watermelon red color, strawberries. Better on the cooler side — 2 months ago

Milan Nestarec

Danger 380 Volts Sparkling Blend

Müller thurgau, Neuburger , Muscat - tons of lemon , perfumed nose, nice tartness — 6 days ago

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Milan Nestarec

Youngster Riesling Blend

Slightly funky, fruity, tart — 19 days ago

Richard Winery Stávek

Divy Rysak 2017

Huge fan. Floral notes and ripe strawberries on the palate. Light bodied, unobtrusive but oh so memorable. — 2 months ago

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Milan Nestarec

Klasika Dornfelder

YUM! Fun, fruity, effervescent & easy to drink. Sweet grapefruit, mild floral notes. — 16 days ago

Vinar Jiri Uherek

Pálava 2018

Sweet. Feel muscat. — a month ago

Milan Nestarec

Say No More! Youngster Zweigelt Blend 2019

Dry. Complex. Acidic. Hard-core tannins. Prune. Pairs well with foie gras and short rib. Not glou glou — 2 months ago