Mia Beer Co.

Schilling Beer Co.

Resilience Hop Weave No.7

Nice, light and very drinkable but without sacrificing its hoppy IPA character — 15 days ago

Crowns & Hops Brewing Co.

Urban Queen Imperial Stout with Red Bay Coffee

This was perfectly balanced, somehow bright, but deep and rich. 10+%. Coffee was clear throughout. Great beer. I put some in my cellar. — 3 months ago

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Garage Beer Co.

Ocata Session IPA

You trying to lemon me out compadre? — 5 months ago

Thirsty Street Brewing Co.

Downtown 2020

Excellent sour. Tasted like some of the sours I’ve had from new Belgium. Very classic foudre type beer with a bit of plums. This is really well balanced between sour, fruit, and funk. Highly recommend if you find yourself in Montana. — 6 months ago

Hanabi Lager Co.

Barke Vienna Style Lager #52 Spring 2021

Hanabi lager, spring, barke. Probably the closest I’ll get to screaming eagle. Really wonderful lager with some beautiful bread, a hint of citrus, and really wonderful full mouthfeel of grains with the slightest bitter flavor of hops. It is an outstanding beer. — 8 days ago

Other Brother Beer Co.

Foggy Bottom Brothers

Love it. Rich but not over the top caramel lunch snack. — 4 months ago

Papago Brewing Co.

Orange Blossom Mandarin Wheat

It smells and tastes of mandarin, it’s lightly alcoholic, it’s a pleasant light wheat beer, lightly hopped, when it’s hot and you are dehydrated, which happens in the desert six months of the year, this is a better option than any sports drink. Sure, no electrolytes here, but it tastes a dang sight better than those sports ades. And orange blossoms? Very Arizona. Drink local — a month ago

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Blitz-Weinhard Brewing Co.

Private Reserve Henry Weinhard's Lager

always in the fridge. It’s my go to beer — 5 months ago

Stone Brewing Co.

Fear.Movie.Lions Double IPA

Active, perfect yellow amber pushing orange hard. Big bubbled beige-yellow head that dropped expectedly quick, with so much action. Petri-dish lacing with cytoplasm graffiti. Huge pineapple nose of fresh-cut ripe fruit! Grapefruit tattoo, but little else. General lemon creaminess; a memo from mandarin. Pineapple rum entry with caramel and vanilla, baked apple, brandy-pear, classy touch of black pepper, allspice, ginseng, soft ginger slices, dried orange peel, anise, and lime. Heady and thick, cut, wiry, and sinewy, but overall, a calculated, choreographed, disciplined display of restrained power, lithe and evocative, with a smooth finish.

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— 6 months ago

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