5 Years Reserva Madeira Rich Doce


Great #qpr #madeira — 7 months ago

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Single Harvest Colheita Madeira Malmsey 1996

Yes!! Nutty and nice toffee sweets! This is interesting Madeira! Not the acidity that Bual has. Great glass. — a year ago

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Henriques & Henriques

15 Years Old Madeira Malvasia

Now this is more like it. Powerful malmsey with a grip and complexity that recall the finest madeiras we’ve tasted. Rim gradation with a hint of green around the edge. Burnt sugar, citrus rind, caramel. The wine blossoms on the palate, oxidative notes show themselves before the rapier of acid drives home the finish, like a toreador’s sword. Fabulous. — 4 years ago

Alsu Shakirova
with Alsu
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Madeira Wine Company SA

Reserve Duke of Clarence Blandys Madeira Malmsey

Bought at an estate sale & guessing from the 70’s, but if any Madeira enthusiasts out there know a trick to figure the year, I’m all ears(the foil capsule is wrapped with a printed number ending in 72, which one Bourbon fan suggested is the year). Fresh as a daisy: date, dried fig & prune, roasted tamari almonds. In sweet style but the acidity is there, keeping a nice snap between the flavors & a moderately unctuous texture. A simple Madeira to begin with, but nothing like simple pleasures. Had at sunset w friends, munching on cocoa dusted & roasted cinnamon almonds, & Parmesan. — 10 months ago

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10 Years Old Madeira Malmsey

I love Madeira. I don’t know if it loves me but it is at least on friendly terms with my taste buds. My taste buds like dessert. Even if you think you don’t like sweet wine the acidity on this may turn your head. It is a nuts cutting down molasses mountains carpeted in trees loosing glazed nuts. Malmsey. Definitely my friend. — 3 years ago

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5 Year Aged Madeira Malmsey

WGBY Public Television, Wine Lovers Dinner; 16 March 2019 at Tower Square Hotel (Marriott); Springfield, MA — 5 years ago

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5 Years Old Medium Rich Madeira Bual 1811

Bonkers sweet…as Malmsey is. Nutty and dark caramel and smoky and delicious. Madeira deserves a comeback. — a year ago

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Vins Nus

SiurAlta Orange Grenache Blanc Blend 2020

Sour, astringent, tires — 2 years ago

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Cossart Gordon & Co.

10 Years Old Malmsey Madeira

Pleasant caramel, honey. First Port / Madeira that Kim has liked. — 3 years ago


10 Years Old Madeira Rich Malmsey

Best thing I’ve ever had — 4 years ago

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