Single Harvest Colheita Madeira Malmsey 2012

Fantastic - sweet and complex. Would jump at a chance to drink this one again. — 19 days ago

Vinhos Barbeito (Rare Wine Company Historic Series)

New York Special Reserve Malmsey Madeira

Get To Know Sherry class... hijacked when the class decided to pool our funds to buy a $55 bottle of Medeira and get a bonuss lessons from Tom! Much lighter body than the dessert Sherry we we ended class with, but some of the same nutty and slightly sweet notes. Definitely need to visit Medeira some day!! — 3 months ago

Companhia Vinicola da Madeira

Madeira Terrantez 1880

The oldest liquid I’ve ever tasted. It is actually their Malmsey. — 2 years ago

Vinhos Barbeito

The Rare Wine Co. Historic Series Madeira New York Malmsey

Excellent,sweet dried currant, cherry and licorice. — 2 months ago


10 Years Old Madeira Malmsey

Sweet, honey, delightful dessert wine. — 3 months ago


5 Year Aged Madeira Malmsey

WGBY Public Television, Wine Lovers Dinner; 16 March 2019 at Tower Square Hotel (Marriott); Springfield, MA — 6 months ago

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Justino Henriques

Madeira Malmsey 1933

‪thank you Justin's for making my 2am 🌃snack perfect: my crisp, caramel-cocoa 1933 Justino's Madeira Wines S.A #Madeira Malmsey harmonizes perfectly with your Snack Pack Almond Butter and your Snack Pack Chocolate Hazenut Butter. 2am deliciouness on a cold winter's night! ❄️ 🌙 ‬ — 2 years ago

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Vins Nus

SiurAlta Orange Grenache Blanc Blend 2018

Mild ofiltad orangino. Ingen antydan av stökighet, vilket är ett plus men mildheten betyder samtidigt aningen profillös. Would drink again tho. Words&wines — 2 months ago


Boal Madeira

Very nice, great after dinner, sweet but balanced, butterscotch, golden fig, caramel, slightly savory, interesting and juicy finish. — 5 months ago

H.M. Borges

15 Year Madeira Malmsey

Medium brown; medium plus intensity aromas of apricot, dates, figs, cinnamon, cloves, bay, toast, smoke, chocolate, coffee; st, high acid, high alcohol, full body, medium plus intensity flavors of tangy fruit, figs, fig cookie, apricot, raisins, caramel apple, molasses, bay, laurel, wet leaves, tobacco, vanilla, long finish; very good — a year ago