Hope & Grace

Napa Valley Malbec 2007

David T

The final bottle to wrap up the night and the perfect progression to follow up the Cabernet. It’s really hard for me to say which bottle was better, the Regusci Angelo Vineyard or this Malbec from Winemaker Charles Hendricks? However, I would say this is the most, beautiful, elegant and polished Malbec I’ve had. It’s peaking but, still has a lot of life left in it. I can’t believe someone was willing to sell this bottle on for $50. It was like committing robbery winning this auction.

The mouthfeel spectacular and gorgeous. Dark creamy currants, touch of pepper, sweet dark tarry round tannins, black licorice, mocha chocolate, well layered baking spices, subtle, savory meats, rich dark earth, soft leather, touch of tobacco, fragrant purple flower with beautiful lavender notes. The acidity perfect as was the long, elegant, well balanced, rich polished finish.
— 2 days ago

James Christina Champagne
with James and Christina
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Luca Wines

Old Vine Malbec 2015

Laura Catena is in charge here. All hail a wine with an awesome woman with a wine heritage killing it! Super into this. Give it a minute or so to get a breath of air then appreciate its voluptuousness. It is supple and earthy and has an attitude. This Malbec may just have made me its bitch. — 8 days ago

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Bill Bender

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😂 @Ellen Clifford half cat and half wine drinking mime
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Domaine Cosse et Maisonneuve

Solis Cahors Malbec 2016

Fruit forward and also acid forward. Sassy sharp tongued berry hussy. I like it. It doesn’t taste like Cahors. Which is fine. Fin. — 3 days ago

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Château de Mercuès

Cahors Malbec 2014

Dark purple in the glass. Dark plum on the nose, married with dark chocolate and some earth on the palate. Medium acidity and fine, firm tannins round things out. You think you know Malbec? Not if you don’t know Cahors. And this is a great intro to Malbec’s home appellation. Cahors was sidelined in part thanks to the Bordelaise and their corporate espionage back when the river was the only way to get product to the world. Mostly Malbec with a bit of Merlot. This may be your new Old World best friend. Enjoy anywhere you’d serve Bordeaux or Cabernet. — 3 days ago

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Château Pineraie

Cahors Malbec 2014

I had it at Covell. I ended up accidentally buying the same at thanksgiving in St. Louis. And now I’m back at Covell drinking it because it stands well in many ways: it has a refreshing nature—some sort of herbal underbelly to it berry cassis fun. So far my top cahors pick but there’s more to be tried... — 6 days ago

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Bodega Lagarde

Guarda Colección de Viñedos Lujan de Cuyo Malbec 2015

Aromas of violets and black fruit. Black cherries, red plum, blackberry pie with hints of tobacco and leather. For such a young wine, it is extremely refined! — 14 hours ago

Chad Anderson
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Bodega Catena Zapata

High Mountain Vines Mendoza Malbec 2016

It’s juicy it’s scrummy it’s not a wee bit glummy. It’s....great Malbec at a friendly price! Omg. Ripe and fresh. A little simple but I have no complaints. Curious to see how the zapata levels up — 9 days ago

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Javier Torres

Javier Torres

Uno de mi vinos favoritos 👍🏻👌🏻🍷🍷

Château du Cèdre (Verhaeghe et Fils)

Cahors Malbec 2014

Another young soul in an old world body. I put this solidly in the...solid realm. It has berries and some cedar/pencil lead and it is a rather uptown cahors but I’ll take it! Meanwhile I’ll just keep trying to match bottle to shirt to eyes here. — 6 hours ago

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Finca Bella Vista Perdriel Malbec 2011

Founded in 1998, Achaval-Ferrer is a team of friends who make great wines. Was lucky enough to get a taste of this beauty. Aromas of fresh berry fruits with exciting spice and floral notes. On the palate cherry and rich blackberry flavors with tobacco and cacao. Sweet fine tannins, lingering well balanced with acidity with fresh mineral ending with berry fruit character. Tasting Sample. — 9 days ago

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Finca Adalgisa

Lujan de Cuyo Malbec 2009

Mixed dark and red fruit, mostly reds. Red cherries, cranberries, mildly stewed plums. Hints of chocolate, vanilla. Very well balanced. Beginning is delicate and ends with Complimentary flavours Of moderate peppery spices, anise, spicy cigar (Upmann brand) with subtle mature acidity. — 9 days ago

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@Michael Bleszynski Michael another wonderful review that lets me taste the wine as I read Cheers 🍷
Michael Bleszynski

Michael Bleszynski

@P A thank you for the kind words, very much appreciated!