Listan Negro

S.A.T. Camaretas

Frontón de Oro Tinto Gran Canaria Tintilla Listan Negro 2017

Covid -19 wines part one: out in our quad, with our socially distanced friends and neighbors, drinking by the Hudson. After some sx and being out of work but much better. What better way to start to celebrate recovery but with a Canary Islands red- qpr too, at under 16$. Has a deep maraschino cherry thing, not too dissimilar to Cru Bojo. I love Canary Islands, and in the age of a pandemic, we all need what/who we love. — 12 days ago

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Suertes del Marqués

7 Fuentes Valle de la Orotava Listan Negro-Tintilla Blend 2017

Canary Islands. Medium bodied with lots of earthy funk and farm on the nose and everywhere else, too. Like the grapes were crushed in a sweaty sheep’s armpit, but not in a bad way. Also oak, cherry, slate. From Flatiron Wines — 11 days ago


Listán Blanco de Canarias 2016

Lots of flavor — 8 days ago

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Suertes del Marqués

El Ciruelo Viñas Viejas Valle de la Orotava Listan Negro 2016

One of Suertes del Marqués’ top single-vineyard wines, from 100+ years-old Listan Negro (99%) and Listan Blanco (1%) vines growing at approximately 1,500 elevation on Tenerife’s volcanic soils. Aged in 500-liter oak casks. Peppery notes. Light, savory, elegant. — 9 days ago

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Borja Perez Viticultores

Ignios Orígenes Listán Negro

Extreme acidity but in a good way. Light bodied yet complex. Really special. — 16 days ago

Emilio Ramirez Envinate

Benje Blanco Listan Blanco 2018

Volcanic. Whole cluster. Explosively. — 18 days ago

Emilio Ramirez Envinate

Benje Tenerife Tinto 2017

Listan Prieto, aka Mission aka Criolla chica aka Pais. The Benje Tinto from Envinante sourced from the DO Ycoden Daute Isora on Tenerife. Opens up very reductive, so be patient with it. Tart red fruit, very savoury and salty, like licking a stone, peppery. Like a northern Rhône but in the lack of flesh. Now call me conservative, but this above my threshold. However, very playful and fun, complex as well with a decent lenght and playful. — 11 days ago


Migan Vinos Atlánticos Listan Negro 2017


Volcanic, perfect, pricey. — 19 days ago

Bodega Chacra

Sin Azufre Pinot Noir

Very interesting Pinot. Sans soufre, a tad petulant (in a good way). Reminds me of a high end natural Beaujolais. — 9 days ago