Lips Of Faith

Joseph Phelps Vineyards

Insignia Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 1995

Flashback 20+ years ago to the Wine Library in New Jersey. Walking with my 14-year-old niece she was drawn to a double magnum sitting in the corner of the cold room. She exclaimed, “ Uncle Ira , that is the biggest bottle of wine I have ever seen.” Excited by her enthusiasm I told her I would buy it and we would drink it at her wedding. That opportunity presented itself this weekend. I decided this was best consumed at the rehearsal dinner. As one would expect the bottle drew its share of oohs & aahs. The cork was pristine. I should have decanted as the bottle had a ton of sediment. On the nose; earth, hints of leather, and tobacco. In the mouth a textbook example of an aged California Bordeaux blend. Concentrated flavors of red and dark fruit, herbs, vanilla, and graphite flow into a stunning finish that still has a tannic structure. An elegant and seamless wine that has years of life remaining . I have been fortunate to taste wines that could bring you to tears. This bottle brought me to tears before a drop of wine touched my lips — 10 days ago

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Ira Schwartz

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@JKT Thanks, it was something I wanted to share with the Delectable community. I’m sure some of the community have put down a case or two of a child’s birth year wine or wedding year wine to share at the appropriate time.
Donald Williams

Donald Williams

I wouldn’t have even seen this if you hadn’t liked a couple of my wines. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful story.
Ira Schwartz

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@Donald Williams Thank you for the kind words.

Weyerbacher Brewing Co.

Blithering Idiot Barleywine Ale

Medjool date color of reddish brown verging on ebon. Brief, solid, fluffy headmaster cameo, beige. Bowing slowly with brevity, leaving only a dark, inscrutable surface. Ripe bananas, and Ethiopian coffee, grilled and roasted beef, marinated in Port with edges of cracked black pepper. Fennel, rosemary and cocoa, raisins, cloves, ginger snaps all stirred in cast iron over slow flames of acanthus to make this dark story thick with candied deceits, smelling of dark chocolate delights. This one has sharp, sugary teeth of cubed ginger candy, lips of gingerbread, a tongue of dark brown sugar, caramel-chocolate, dark rum cake, eucalyptus, coffee liqueur, and sweet barbecue sauce before finishing with figgy treacle. Smooth and brooding; your destiny implied by its name. — 5 months ago

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Great note

New Belgium Brewing Company

Lips of Faith Series La Folie Sour Brown Ale 2016

USA-based Rodenbach...? Maybe, but this is a brown ale, solid effort but different. Sour wood based acidic nose, sharp sour cherry, fresh carmel and attractive mild, musty aromas. Palate has sweet malt, sour cherry juice, long soaked in new and neutral oak barrels. Not intensely sour, but enjoyable, not Rodenbach. Perhaps more time could concentrate this vintage? — 10 months ago

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@Severn Goodwin Severn Good post Cheers 🍻

M. Chapoutier

De l'Orée Ermitage Blanc Marsanne 2001

After having tasted two suboptimal white Hermitages last saturday, I have to admit that it can be a hit-and-miss when it comes to aging Rhône blancs....
But this one slightly restores my faith in doing so.
Golden colour, spicy tropical fruit, juicy and sappy in the midpalate and a long, rich and satisfying finish. No distracting notes of oxidation.
A wonderful bottle from a good but not a great vintage.
— 13 days ago

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Peter Lauer

Barrel X Saar Feinherb Riesling 2018

Lime, wet rock, nectarine, jasmine. Lots of acid, completely dry with just a trace of residual sugar on the lips. Awesome QPR. — 2 months ago

Domaine des Carabiniers

Fruit de Lune Lirac Red Rhone Blend

The nose of Southern Rhône wines always reminds me of what mashing fresh grapes underfoot must actually smell like. And also the sea. The musk of the sea, to be specific.

🌊 A velvet wave of silk due to the well balanced sugar, fruit, acidity, and tannic structure. This wine moves in the glass. It is tactile and you want to lick your lips clean. A bouquet of fresh roses.

A joy to drink. Feels like I am indeed at Demeter’s harvest itself.
— 3 months ago

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J. Charpentier

Millésime Brut Champagne 2008

Loads of bubbles, slutty brioche aroma though more lemony on palate. Notes of baked bread and good persistence keeps the lips coming back. Yummy! — 9 months ago

Parlament Winery

Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

was handed this bottle by the host of a wine tasting.
we tasted wines from a small boutique winery up north of israel. wasn't really impressive.
this bottle is not related though.

it seems that this was privately bottled in chilag winery by some gang calling themselves 'parlament'(sic)

100% Cabernet sauvignon hand picked in upper Galilee.
one month fermenting on the peels. then a few more weeks soaking and finished 13 months in old and new french oak barrels.

14.1% ABV

dark ruby red with orange-y rim. 👀
firm legs.

ripe black and red cherries, blueberries, cranberry sauce, dust, wet soil, tobbaco, mint, allspice and white pepper. some tar mixed with brown sugar rounding up the 👃

full body.
high acidity.

tart all round with the tar and dust leading, the black fruit running close by and light seasoning somewhere behind matched by some forest funk 👄
a tiny bit syrupi

very very long 🎯
tannins are strong and lips are dried. pleasent when the wine is colder and a bit too much hotter.

balanced and super interesting because of aging, but not exceptional.

amazing vfm, got it for free

homemade 🐔mratballs with 🥕and peas in 🍅sauce worked well with it.

i paired it also with crackers, homemade labaneh cheese(yogurt and a little salt dripping the liquid for a couple of days) , olive oil & zaatar for science sake. and as i guessed they interrupt each other badly.

fun wine all in whole.
— 2 months ago

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Famille Montessuit

Cuvee Jonquille Vieilles Vignes Gringet 2018

Palate is a bit apple cider. Pleasantly rich but not overwhelmingly so. Lingers on the lips. Very good. Nicely mineral. Some lemon zest. Quite delicious and different. Great change of pace wine. Juicy.

... as this opens it more tastes like mountain meursault. Pine and mountain air on the nose. Sprightly richness on the palate. Really good as you aerate it. Mineral in the finish.

Bought from fass selections
— 2 months ago

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Lyle Fass

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Please wait 30 minutes before initial tasting notes. Apple Cider is insulting!!!!

High West Distillery

Midwinter Nights Dram Blend of Straight Rye Whiskeys

That’s got to be the best prose whiskey to grace me lips laddies. Go Utah. — 8 months ago

Mark Freund
with Mark
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Shay A

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I visited the distillery last year but didn’t get to try this, unfortunately. I’ve heard it’s killer.