Languedoc Roussillon Grenache

Domaine du Possible

C'est pas la mer à boire Côtes du Roussillon Grenache Blend 2014

Marc Stubblefield

Funky and saline and dark fruited and acid forward. Not sure it's typical of anything, anywhere - but I'll have another glass. — 2 days ago

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Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes Grenache 2015

Fabulous red, velvety smooth, delivers everything that it promises. Delicious on its own and with food too. — 7 days ago

Domaine Lafage

Côtes du Roussillon Vieilles Vignes Tesselae Grenache Blend

like eating strawberry jam spread generously on warm leather toast, with a tobacco pipe burning in the other room. schwing. 💯 — 14 days ago

Kelly Slater
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Bastide Miraflors

Cotes du Roussillon Vieilles Vignes Syrah-Grenache Blend 2015

I won't say the wine was cheap. I will say the price point was low. But but but this is one of those 20$ bottles your brain says " wait is the 200$ bottle 10x better? Ish don't think so ! So see it, buy it, enjoy it! Call me later. 1-800-don't overspend! — 13 days ago

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Domaine Lafage

Miraflors Rosé Blend 2016

Nice and light, dances gracefully around the tongue like a ballerina. Love it! — 7 hours ago

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Joel Gott Wines

Shatter Maury Grenache 2014

Big, dark red fruits w cherry, black raspberry and some cedar notes. Beautiful wash of tannins. Comes alive with food. — 3 days ago

Heather Dillaway
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Domaine de Fontsainte

Gris de Gris Corbières Rosé Grenache Gris 2017

A perennial bargain, Domaine de Fontsainte does not disappoint in 2017. Vibrant, pure berry flavors with a pillowy softness on the edge. Buy by the case for your next garden party. — 5 days ago

Château l'Hospitalet

Grand Vin La Clape Syrah Blend

Maxwell Burns

Real deal stuff. Garrigue, charcuterie, black pepper, black figs, spice, nothing fruity about this wine. If you hate cab because it’s so fruity, but you like body and tannins this wine is for you. Organic/biodynamic, very little oak influence, salty being so close to the Mediterranean. The natural nature of this wine puts all others in the category to shame. I would assume age worthy as well.. — 21 hours ago

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Tout Bu, Or Not Tout Bu

Cotes Du Roussillon Grenache Blend

This is like listening to Prince immediately after a bunch of wack contempo garbaggio / makes me remember what IT is and why I love it 💕 — 13 days ago

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Domaine Potron Minet

Pari Trouillas Côtes du Roussillon Grenache Carignan

Delicious, dry and minerally- this is a recent favorite, also nicknamed the "cat wine" bc of label :) — 6 days ago