Languedoc Roussillon Grenache

Clos Thales

Foun del Bosc Blanc Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes Grenache Gris 2007

T.A. Returns to S.D. 7/7/2018: such an interesting, but now defunct project from a group who tried to bring some old vineyards in the far southwestern region of France into the limelight. This one is Grenache Gris and Carignane Blanc. The wine geeks in attendance enjoyed this one. — 5 days ago

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Domaine Léon Barral

Faugères Carignan Blend 2011

Leon Barral never disappoints - perhaps not the top of the tops but his wines are always solid. Also the base Faugeres always does well. — 12 days ago

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Domaine Valambelle

Grande Reserve Faugères Syrah Blend 2015

Caprice de schiste 2015. Typique traditional Faugeres; long, tannic, spicy, and complex. — 13 days ago

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Domaine Ollier Taillefer

Castel Fossibus Faugères 2014

The notes below are all from the Grand Fete de Saint-Jean in Faugeres (well, this year it was in Laurens, which was a bit of a shame as Faugères itself is a stunning place with a great atmosphere). My general impression was that this appellation is going from strength to strength - it will be interesting to see where it will be in 10 years’ time. The wines were all generally of a very high level (the best from the producers that attended are listed below); from the most traditional bottlings to the more modern efforts (though even the most modern is by no means an ‘international’ wine). I’ve been coming here for more than a decade and the wines were very good back then as well. However, now there is clearly more of a sense of pride in the terroir and finely tuned craftsmanship across the board. There are a few older producers that have always made stunning wines but joining their ranks recently are a bunch of young winemakers who have discovered the untapped potential of the region. Definitely an AOP to watch out for!

Slightly disappointed that they didn’t bring out the current vintage of Fossibus but can understand why, as the oak tends to dominate for a few years. This is in a better place right now; the oak is more integrated and, although I preferred the GR (below) for current drinking, this will probably be in a better place in 10-12 years’ time.
— 12 days ago

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Maxime Magnon

Métisse Corbières Cinsault Blend Rosé 2016

Beautiful red beam of cherry color dark as Gamay. Cherry, cola, sage, rosemary aromas. Powerful concentrated full flavors of blood orange and red candy. Not for the pool. Save for a good meal. So many layers to sip through. — 6 days ago

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Domaine de la Colombette

Notorious Pink Grenache Rosé 1800

I’m not a big Rose fan, but this right here!?!? I had to rethink this thing. Even my wife likes it and my wife doesn’t like wine. It’s fresh, crisp, not too dry. Be very careful tho. It’s so easy to over indulge. This stuff will sneak up on ya. Very affordable!!! — 6 days ago

Château Puech-Haut

Le Prestige Coteaux du Languedoc Saint-Drézéry Grenache Syrah 2017

Rosé wine dinner at The Wheatleigh in Lenox, MA. Probably my favorite of the night. This is a case-worthy purchase and insanely reasonable. Easy drinking, cherry and strawberry flavors, some baking spice, minerality, and a great mouthfeel and finish. — 17 days ago

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Domaine Ollier Taillefer

Grande Réserve Faugères Carignan Blend 2015

Very good vintage for this wine. One of my favourite from the Fete this year. Elegant yet dense, with blackberries (and leaf), black plumb skins, and fine black pepper on the nose. Good acidity and robust tannins (a positive thing). Will drink well now or from 4-5 years. — 12 days ago

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Château Haut Lignières

Carmina Butis Faugères Grenache Blend 2016

Made a favourable mental note on this but nothing in paper:-( from what I remember it was nicely balanced, fruit-forward, with attractive tannins for early-mid term drinking. — 12 days ago

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Château Grézan

Heritage Faugères Red Blend 2016

Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, with 15% vieux Carignans. Another wonderfully elegant and traditionally balanced early drinking wine that will afar very well indeed in the mid-term. — 12 days ago

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