Other Half Brewing Co.

Crispy Waves Helles Lager

Crispy Waves is the first pilsneresque beer I've had from Other Half. Malty, nutty but still refreshing. Very good. — 18 days ago

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Hofbräu München

Hofbräu Lager

It ain‘t fancy , and yes , Augusteiner is better , but I cannot get that in the states . So this works just fine for me . — a month ago

Pabst Brewing Company

Blue Ribbon Beer Original

Previously reviewed, Voted Americas best at the chicago exposition fair in 1893.

A hit at the Wisconsin State Fair in 2019.

An American lager, malty, crisp, golden.

A favorite of fair goers, and Herman Munster.
— 9 days ago

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@Dennis P. Dennis an all time fun classic with some cult status that we all have enjoyed at some point. Have a great weekend Cheers 🍻
DC Radisson

DC Radisson

Cheers 🍻

Two Brothers Brewing Co.

Twenty-Plus Pilsner Lager

Decent attempt at a classic Euro Pilsner. Slightly soapy tasting finish but nothing bad. — 18 days ago

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Miller Brewing Company (MillerCoors)

High Life Lager

Nice and crisp.
(NB: “the Champagne of Beers”... 😎)
— a month ago

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Brutal Brewing

Comet Wheat Lager

One of the best wheat beers I have tasted. Has a part of a fruity IPA in it — a month ago

Exile Brewing Co.

Ruthie Gold Lager


Iowaのローカルビール。茶色がかった金色。カラメルぽい香りと味わいから始まるが、後味が柔らかく軽快 @Hyvee $2 — a month ago

Singlecut Beersmiths

Kim Sour Lager

Ron R

Yeah, certainly sour. Not to my taste, but an interesting twist, nonetheless. Made in NYC - you can taste the black fruits and hibiscus. Beer production has come a long way since I was a kid... — 21 days ago

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@Ron R Ron they have thanks in a great part to the craft brewers. I hope that you had a great weekend and great week coming up. Cheers 🍻
Ron R

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@P A, right back at ya!!!


Lager Beer

Great for a hot day in Columbia Co. NY — a month ago

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@Severn Goodwin Looks Great to me. Have a refreshing weekend Cheers 🍻
Sharon B

Sharon B

That makes me want a cold one!! 🍺🌞

Abita Brewing Company

Strawberry Lager

Amazing lager that has a lively start that finishes on and on like laying down a flavorful blanket on a field of barley. It’s amazing. Strawberry notes are mild. Floral and honey notes; mild spice and cinnamon. — a month ago