Kuribayashi Shuzou Brewery

Heiwa Shuzou

Kid Junmai Ginjo Koji

I thought the nose smelled like sesame oil with sweet notes of apples, pears, and steamed rice. On the other hand, my partner thought it smelled like damp laundry. I get where she's coming from, especially when you think about dried-out detergent, but that descriptor's just plain brutal. Safe to say she didn't like it at all. The palate's soft and fruity, medium-bodied, with a sweetish yet elegant finish. I liked it. Solid house pour during KK + R's after-party. From 1800ml bottles. — a month ago

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Tomita Shuzou

Shichi Hon Yari Junmai

Good stuff. Rich & smooth. — 4 months ago

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Hachinohe Shuzou

Mutsu Hassen Eight Immortals Junmai Sake Rice

Fruity and slightly hoppy sake with sashimi. — 6 months ago

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Azakura Shuzou

Azakura Junmaiginjo

Omachi. Very nice Banana aroma! — a month ago

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Kanemitsu shuzou

Kamo kinshū Hiroshima Tokubetsu Junmai

— 4 months ago

Chiyo shuzou

Shinomine Junmai Daiginjo Yamahai Yamadanishiki

Tsuyoshi Enoki

Shinomine, Junmai Daiginjo,Yamahai/ Chiyo Shuzo/ Nara prefecture/ rice species: Yamadanishiki/ light note of minerals, citrus and apricot, crispy acid and good edge of bitterness, soft and light umami and rich minerals.
Good for any dishes not only Japanese. Good Yamahai sake.
— 6 months ago

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Fumigiku shuzou

Haneya Junmaidaiginjo

Ma K

Brew is 2018 December. Very smooth and friuty flavorful but light body, absolutely enjoyable...but dangerous because you can drink endless. There was no alcohol tase, just great flavor from rice and water. Absolue favorite of “Haneya” brand so far...be warned, this may blow your mind. — 7 months ago

Kuribayashi Shuzou Brewery

Harukasumi Omachi Junmai Daiginjo Sake

Creamy and citrusy, with beautiful floral strawberry at the front and all bright and cream through to the finish. Much improved at warmer temperatures, around 60F/15C. Lightly sweet and very lovely to sip. — 2 months ago

Ouroku Shuzou

Ouroku Junmai

On the river with Maiko-san. So nice small boat trip in Osaka. — 4 months ago

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Fumigiku shuzou

Haneya TokuGin50 Daiginjo

Perhaps one of the best sake I have ever tried! It is an incredible sake with amazing length. It last easily 2 min on the palate! Never experienced such a depth for a sake. This kitaya (best Japanese rice) dai ginjo is some what equivalent to a great a great French white! Delight! — 6 months ago

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@Muralee Murugesu Sounds great Cheers 🍻