Manni Nössing

Eisacktaler Kerner 2014

Last week, I sat for three hours with Manni Nossing in his home and tasted through Kerners, Sylvaners, Gruners, and Muller Thurgous dating back to 2014 and through to the 2018s (set to bottle the next day). Manni has a style. Always crisp and green and even when fruit peeks through, it’s usually lean sour grapefruit and firm apricots. He is a mumbling jolly gentle giant with a great sense of humor. This 2014 Kerner was my favorite we tasted and he let me take the bottle for dinner that night. It has mysterious green herbal notes and high acid. Silver green lining, thyme, and lime. — 3 months ago

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Jason Brater

Jason Brater

Sounds like a great experience!
Ely Cohn

Ely Cohn

@Jason Brater was amazing - quintarelli, foradori, manni nossing, wassererhoff. Bolzano is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. Must visit!
Jay Kline

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@Ely Cohn awesome! I had the 2014 a couple of years back and thought it was really good. What an experience!

Andreas Huber - Az. Agr. Pacherhof


Lovely citrusy lemons limes fresh bright grassy lemongrass butterscotch lychee nut and some minerality.

Kind of like Riesling and Pinot Blanc and Ugni Blanc mash up.

Great for appetizers

— 3 months ago

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Natürlich Weinreich

Heiter bis Wolkig trocken Dornfelder Kerner 2018

Supersaftig. God syre, fremragende balance. Læskende. Ribs, champignon, kirsebær, hindbær. — 2 months ago

Abbazia di Novacella (Stiftskellerei Neustift)


Its hitting the spot right now. Refreshing, crisp, fruity, acidic, delicious. Peachy perfect. At posto with Brian — 3 months ago

Cembra Cantina di Montagna

Dolomiti Kerner

— 3 months ago

Weingut Niklas

Luxs Südtiroler Alto Adige Kerner 2018

Had the ‘18. Refreshing, notes of honeydew. Perfect for hot, summer day. — 4 months ago

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